Underwear alert from MOD.

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by bernoulli, May 31, 2005.

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  1. I found an intriguing sidebar in The Guardian today:

    So I guess this means that my new crotchless, latex Slave-thong is a no-no? :D
  2. Thought that was issue in the Navy.
  3. Is fuschia coloured silk and lace combo considered "appropriate"? 8)
  4. In the Navy, it's mandatory.
  5. Is fuschia coloured silk and lace combo considered "appropriate"? 8)[/quote]

    ohhhh!! YeeeSSSSS!!! ooooppppssss??? :oops:
  6. Suppose it is because the go commando types worry the 'I'm Free' types?
  7. Imagine the shame after being reported for sub standard under crackers and having to parade that evening showing y-fronts clean and presentable
  8. There was a regulation about checking underwear in QRs... :twisted:
  9. Seems that the Prince Albert piercing was introduced because in those days men wore very tight trousers. The ring on the ding was attached to a hook inside the trousers. This gave rise to question from measuring tailor 'Does sir dress to the left or right?'
  10. Princess Alexandrea I think used to check on parades that "Her" men were wearing issue socks and shreddies. If not the RSM got a grip.
  11. Good God, man, thats a disgrace.

    WTF are you doing reading the Grauniad???