Underwater Knife Fighting Certificate

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by smallbrownprivates, Nov 12, 2007.

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  1. I have recently discovered that I am one of a few thousand ex regs now TA whose records have been completely wiped by the change to JPA.

    As well as having a new number I now have a clean sheet :D but no quals, including range quals 8O

    My Admin Office have invited me to remake my record by bringing in any paper copies of certificates i (might) have earned over my previous service........ :wink:

    I've heard the under water knife fighting course is particularly arduous, but it might be possible to get a certificate for, maybe even as an instructor.

    Are there any other courses (brit or international) anyone could recommend, besides beach volley ball instructor (swedish army), panda gynecologist and dolphin trainer (hong kong sea world)?
  2. Pipe-range cleaning qual, grade 1?
  3. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    Tartan Paint mixing qualification.

    Long Weight measurement supervisor.
  4. Submarine deckhandler class 1?
  5. I'm a fully qualified Seawolf pilot and exocet door-opener.
    My underwater wood-welding course was full of walts who made out they were engineers or something. I knew better though :)
  6. 49 Para PTI.

    Hereford Boathouse Roof Painter.
  7. Tactical Basketweaver
    Alchoholic Substance Handling Instructor
  8. Holder of the key to the HF window
    Rigid Raider vulcanising Engineer
    Land Rover Sparkplug issuer

    Paraglider fighter pilot
  9. Jim Shortt runs an underwater knife fighting course, you could retake the exam if you've lost the original certificate and CTT crossed snorkel and knife badge. Just trying to help.
  10. During my years as a Pfc and Lance Coolie in the USMC, I considered myself a Buffer Tech 1st Class....
  11. mrk 4 manitou pilot and kimwipe loader
  12. Could always try Army Chef, hardest course in the world, no one has passed it yet.
  13. Dog Walker.......
  14. Parachute Pilot? You can ask Eagle1 about the course so you can bluff it if the need arose.

    Or how about Saline Substance Technician?
  15. Intermediate Marmoset Midwifery.
    Extreme Ironing Instructor.
    Witchfinder 4th Class.
    Master of the Queen's Merkins.