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Underwater Knife Fighting Certificate

I have recently discovered that I am one of a few thousand ex regs now TA whose records have been completely wiped by the change to JPA.

As well as having a new number I now have a clean sheet :D but no quals, including range quals 8O

My Admin Office have invited me to remake my record by bringing in any paper copies of certificates i (might) have earned over my previous service........ :wink:

I've heard the under water knife fighting course is particularly arduous, but it might be possible to get a certificate for, maybe even as an instructor.

Are there any other courses (brit or international) anyone could recommend, besides beach volley ball instructor (swedish army), panda gynecologist and dolphin trainer (hong kong sea world)?
I'm a fully qualified Seawolf pilot and exocet door-opener.
My underwater wood-welding course was full of walts who made out they were engineers or something. I knew better though :)
Jim Shortt runs an underwater knife fighting course, you could retake the exam if you've lost the original certificate and CTT crossed snorkel and knife badge. Just trying to help.


Book Reviewer
Sky-hook Mounting Specialist
Right-Angle Drill Bit Storesman
Short Weight Supervisor (pre-curser to the Long Weight Qual).
DPM Paint Mixing First Class.
We once sent one of the troop on a Specialist Helicopter Infantry Techniques Cse.

He didn't rate it very highly but did get presented with a nice certificate on posting! :wink:
scimitar BV commander? I hear its the best job in forward recce, cant wait to start that. Not sure what BV stands for, but Im sure its something really important... :roll:

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