Underwater digital camera?

CRmeansCeilingReached said:
Does anybody in the diving fraternity know of a decent underwater digital camera for under £200?
There are many digital cameras made as Underwater cameras. As well, as digital cameras that have cases for that particular camera. Some Canon cameras fit into cases made for them. I have a Canon Digital Elph S 400 and the Canon case made for it. It's rated down to 100 Ft. or so. It also works with the case, on land in bad weather, or on a beach, etc. where one might get sand in the works.

The one thing that I have noticed about digital cameras UW, is the lag time between pressing the shutter button and the picture being taken, at times leaves the background there and the fish gone! This can happen with film as well, but not as likely.

There are some fairly inexpensive UW cameras both in digital and film on the market, to include throw-away UW cameras. A lot depends on the depth, you plan to be using the camera at. The type of diving, SCUBA, snorkle, cold water, warm water, etc.

Here's a good website:



This is me trying to take a picture of a pilot type fish that must need a home! He bothered the hell out of a bunch of us, trying to make our De-comp stop at 10 Ft. The pic was taken by my Canon S-400 in a case. I'm using a Ikelite film film camera in a case. (Also fairly inexpensive.) Actually, I was also using it to push the fish away too! :lol:

Thermal_Warrior said:
Or, for a MUCH cheaper option, take your existing camera underwater with an 'Aquapac'. Bought one for my digital compact camera for £20 this year. I took it to Cuba and took some amazing shots through it. The best £20 I've spent in ages.

Here's the link for the site....


Hope that helped.
As I said, depth is an important factor. If all your going to do is snorkle this camera you mention, would be just great and so would the Kodak and other UW throw-aways. If you plan to SCUBA dive, with it you'll no doubt be going at least one atmosphere or so. (Actually a lot deeper, on most really good reef dives.)

The camera case in the link says it's limited to:

"Guaranteed submersible to 15ft/5m and keeps out dust and sand."
VerminWA said:

Is about the cheapest I can find but I know they used to do a digi cam for solely underwater that was on offer at the dive show last year.
Actually, the camera you have pointed out would be great for someone just getting started in UW Photography! I see that it's rated down to 150 feet, which would take care of most recreational SCUBA diving.

I think, he will have a hard time finding a camera that is really good for land use and will work UW without an UW case. The Combo, of camera & case, would no doubt coast more than the one you suggest. :wink:
thanks very much for all the advice guys. just bought a 3.2mp digital zoom camera on ebay for £40, and will buy one of those aquapac things!

considered buying the SLR aquapac for £80, but i don't want to risk my nikon D50 and expensive lenses etc underwater... i'll try it out on the cheapo camera first.

plus my missus wants one of those aquapac things too. cheers again thermo! tripwire, i am happy with the landlubber photography - just wanted something ok for underwater. did the red sea a couple of years ago and went through 5 disposable waterproof cameras plus developing etc... got a few nice pics, but wanted to try digital this year.

Great! I'm happy for you! Yeah, its a bitch, when a UW camera case leaks and the sea water ruins an expensive camera/lens! There are insurance companies, that will insure UW cameras; however, its pretty expensive too.

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