Underwater Bubbles Create Light and No-one Knows Why.

Discussion in 'The Science Forum' started by Dashing_Chap, May 27, 2013.

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    Sonoluminescence - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


    Only just found out about this, naturally the first sweeping conclusion that any layman would jump to is that one of the main theories about the universe' creation is from a bubble, the release of heat and light indicate a mini explosion of some sorts.

    So we're all in an immense sea? :)

    I wonder where the photon comes from?

    Some further info:

    Also, I wonder if this cavitation effect and tiny bubbles cause any light emission for ships or subs? The Sonar might cause solarwotchacallit from prop bubbles. Tho I imagine the designers are aware of this as the RN discovered it in the first place.
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  2. My farts create light when I set them on fire.
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  3. DC - while I enjoy the science threads you post, can you for once do one that my tiny mind can comprehend. Every time I read them, I have to sit down with a cup of Horlicks and a damp towel around my head!
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  4. Regardless of whether or not cavitation is a source of light, it is definitely a source of sound. For this reason, vessels that wish to minimise their acoustic signal minimise the chance of cavitation. Prairie masker is one way.

    Also, if you look at the bow wave of any vessel on a dark night, you will see phosphorescence which I was told was bioluminescence.

  5. This one's simple enough, until you get to the second quote of my post which discusses the complex scientific stuff.

    As someone who's self taught and didn't even do physics GCSE (my own field being history) I struggle with trying to make sense of it and some of it reads as gibberish, the vague outline suggests the composition of the gas in the bubble has an effect on the intensity of the light and the surrounding water is responsible for the temperature variation. Someone clever will probably come along and explain it in words better than I. I thought it was an interesting topic not for its complexity but moreso for the mystery. Light from bubbles? Whoda thunk it!

    It does make me wonder whether the origins of the universe might have had a similar cause, although for this mini explosion and release of light you still need a bubble there to start with.
  6. there was a theory that when a bubble implodes it generates heat hotter than the surface of the sun, problem is it at such a high speed that it cannot radiate, convect the heat created.
  7. get a large sugar crystal, and a pair of stubnose pliers, place the crystal in the jaw and apply high pressure very quickly, you will get a spark. Similar effect is seen in piezo crystals, these however are stronger.
  8. Um.........When subjected to sound do the particles vibrate within the bubble, creating friction, and heat and light, upon bursting the heat is disapated due to the surrounding cool liquid, but as energy can neither be created or destroyed it has to take the form of light? Thats my theory anyway, hopefully someone will come along and burst my bubble.
  9. In the case of cavitation, the bubbles are full of vacuum.
  10. For real?
  11. light is vibration in a further dimension, what we see as light is the tip of an iceberg , so to speak. Same with forces like gravity.

    Imagine you are a 2d bug crawling on a flat sheet of paper, all 2d only,. But then a 3d person crumples up your paper sheet and makes a hump and a trough in the formerly flat surface. The 2d bug crawling along its surface 2d world cannot know it is going "up" or "down"... SO... and this is the biggy.... it describes certain bits of its (now crumpled in 3d) world as "easygoing" when going down the hump and "hardgoing" when going up the hump. In short it experiences an unseen FORCE... when as 3d outsiders, we can explain its force phenomenon in simple terms of geometry .

    What we see as light, a 7d creature will see as just a part of the geometry makeup of his 7d universe
  12. What constitutes the material on the interior surface of the bubble?
  13. your meant to wear the tin foil not eat it!
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  14. singing ability and the urge to play piano to menopausal women.............................. sorry thought you meant buble!
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  15. Ah Thanks Dp........thats cleared that little mess up.
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