Understanding Islam

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by FunkyNewBlood, Mar 29, 2005.

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  1. I found this quite an interesting read.


    So if you're not a Muslim, beware?
  2. Surely this falls within the strict definition of racism (strictly "racialism"):

  3. You must recall however that Islam also recognises the existence of "peoples of the book" (al kitabi) - the Jews and the Christians - and their legitimacy as worshippers of the one God.

    "Jihad theology" is really political rather than religious philosophy.
    Fascinating to compare the current policy with that of the twelfth century rulers of the Spanish muslims for example. 8)
  5. The more reasonable type of Muslim also recognises a third "bloc" - Dar-al-something-else, I don't remember the exact name. I think this is something to do with Judaeo-Christian societies in which Muslims may live in peace and are free to practise their religion in a climate of tolerance. I understand they are then obliged to return the favour, and obey the laws of the land.
  6. Point of Note: Jihad has two meaning in the Koran:

    Greater Jihad. The challenge for every Muslim to fight a holy war, at personnel level, to achieve the true religion from within himself on a daily basis.

    Lesser Jihad, is the fight to spread Islam. Whilst it is in the Koran it should be seen in the context of the wider meaning of Jihad, i.e. the Greater Jihad must come first as the little jihad will not succeed if the greater jihad fails.
  7. That is only an interpreatation of the rules of islam and as such is not practiced by the majority of believers. As such we shouldnt tar them all with the same brush, the same as we shouldnt tar all christians becuase of the actions of the IRA and UVF etc.
  8. yeah but the bible also says put to death everyone who blasphemes, does not worship god, watches daytime TV etc (er...can't remember the paragraph for the last one)
  9. PD, but at least we have progressed since the Bible was written. I did 9 years in mid east and they haven't the're still in stone age and the koran is taken as gospel word for word.
    And could you tell the young lady to conntact me I have a load to deposit, mi balls are bursting.

  11. Read it, failed to be impressed!! Fortunately it has been some 400+ yrs since Christians burnt anyone at a stake for crimes of witchcraft of heresy. You can however always pop off to Saudi or Yemen for a good saturday afternoon stoning or beheading if you weren't able to get a ticket to the football.

    Your argument falls flat on its face at that point! We as christians have adapted our interpretation of the bible to accomodate our more liberal lifestyle (Did I just hear a gurgle in PTP's pants 8O ) However our Middle Eastern Monotheologists have failed to progress at all.
  13. http://biblebabble.curbjaw.com/laws.htm[/quote]

    Alpha and Omega,you cannot change what has been laid down if you truly believe this sh1te (as it says at the end of REVELATIONS)
  15. That half the forces and all of wales condemed then! mind you it might get rid of some of the saturday night munters from the clubs!! :lol: :lol: :lol: