Understanding ELC Allowances

Hi all,
Darren here from UK Trades Training, anyone not sure about ELC, here is a simplified understanding of how to use them for training of your choice

Understanding ELC and how to claim for training

Enhanced Learning Credits (ELC) are an addition to the MOD allowances.
All recruits can register during your first years service, there is a further registration period between the 8 year and 8 and half year period, forms are available from education staff, education centres and ELCAS (Elcas - Enhanced Learning Credit Administration System)

People who were past their 8 and a half year point on 31st March 2004 who did not register cannot now join the scheme

Length of service required for levels

If you signed up for ELC
There are 2 levels of ELC
The first level currently £1000 is for an individual who has completed up to 4 years service

The second level £2000 is for anyone who has completed more than 8 years service

The entitlement is 80% towards the cost of the training up to the £1000 or £2000 levels, you must pay the remaining 20%, so if a course is £2500, ELC pay max £2000, you pay £500 for the second level (you can use your resettlement allowance for this payment, see below)

How long can you claim

ELC can be claimed for a maximum of 3 years which do not have to run consecutively,

You are only allowed to make 1 claim per financial year (April – March)

You are allowed to claim ELC for up to 10 years after leaving the forces (see below)


ELC does not contribute towards accommodation for your course unless you are in the last 2 years of your service where all your accommodation costs will be paid for.
Any period after or before this time, you will have to fund the accommodation costs yourself

Choosing a Training provider

Your training provider must be registered with ELCAS and have a ELC Number which is 4 numbers

Any training that you take must be at level 3 or higher and produce a qualification at this level

How to use your ELC if you are still in service

1. Find an approved training centre that you with to do your level 3 training at

2. Contact them and provisionally book your dates for your course, no payment must be made

3. Contact you resettlement officer and ask for the simple ELC claim form

4. Fill out the form with your dates of training, the training centre name and 4 digit ELC number

5. Send the form to ELCAS and wait approx 4 weeks for a return letter of acceptance,

6. Arrange accommodation with your resettlement officer if you are in the last 2 years service

7. Send the letter from ELCAS to the training centre, this is when you will have to pay your 20 % course contribution

8. Turn up and complete course

9. Centre claims your 80% contribution

Resettlement Allowance

Everyone leaving the forces is entitled to a resettlement allowance currently £534, this can be used only once but can be used at any training centre of your choice, there is no level of qualifications involved with this allowance, any training, any where,

You will need to go to your resettlement officer and get a 1746 form


1. Contact the training centre and send them the 1746 form
2. They will fax that back to you with the dates which you have agreed to train with the form stamped
3. You pay the full amount of the course
4. Book your accommodation which the forces will pay for
5. Do your training
6. You claim your £534 back with the 1746 form

Procedure for Claimants no longer in Service

Contact ELCAS on Elcas - Enhanced Learning Credit Administration System

The following information must be submitted to your Single Service Representative (address details below) a minimum of 25 working days prior to your course start date/registration date:

• Fully completed claim form (section 1, 2 and 3)

• Evidence of your last day of Service eg. copy of your discharge document, copy of P45 terminating employment, document stamped by regiment confirming leaving date

• A copy of your driving licence or passport
• A copy of a utility bill showing your home address
• Full information about the course that you wish to undertake to include your details of your registration date where applicable

• A copy of your Acknowledgment of Scheme Membership

• A letter explaining how your chosen course of study will contribute towards personal development

• Completion and submission of course evaluation form for all previous ELC funded

Remember! If you are submitting your second or third claim you must complete your previous claim

Single Service Representatives


ELC Manager NTE(ER2)
Floor 3, Mailpoint 3.3
Leach Building, Whale Island
HMS Excellent
Tel: 02392 625954
Email: mailto: mailto: FLEET-FOST-TAEL3RRESETSO3C@mod.uk


ELC Manager, DETS (A),
Zone 4, Floor 2
Ramillies Building, HQLF
Monxton Road, Andover
SP11 8HT
Email: mailto: elc@detsa.co.uk
Tel: 01264 381580 or 01264 381565


Learning Credits Administrator
Room 24, Hunter Block
RAF High Wycombe
Naphill, Buckinghamshire
HP14 4UE
Tel: 01494 495957
Flight Lieutenant Learning Forces - address as above Tel: 01494 495603
Email: mailto: 22TrgGp-LrngCreditsAdmin@mod.uk

So there you go, hopefully that has give you the process of how to use your entitlements for any course subject of your choice at level 3 or above.

We have had many force leavers train with UK Trades Training to use their ELC allowances. If you are interested in learning Plumbing, Plastering, Tiling, Locksmith, Decorating, Bricklaying or Kitchen Fitting and fancy a new career, check us out

Best Regards

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Everyone leaving the forces is entitled to a resettlement allowance currently £534, this can be used only once but can be used at any training centre of your choice
By 'training centre of your choice' do you mean RTC or a civilian training centre, I only ask because when I left the army in Nov 2007 I worked in Resettlement for a while and during that time it became policy that if the CTP/RTC provided the type of course you wanted then that was the provider that you had to go with unless you wrote a letter (that was back up by the IERO) stating that the provider you wanted to go with provided better training than the CTP/RTC course. This policy was of course not exactly liked by either those on resettlement or many IEROs as the courses the CTP/RTC provided (such as locksmiths, diving, CP) were in many cases inferior.
The IRTC grant is available to Service leavers with six or more years’ service, or Medical Discharges. It’s a contribution to all training costs, both internally at a Regional Resettlement Centre or Resettlement Training Centre (RTC), and externally.
I should point out that all hope is not lost if you miss the 8 to 8 1/2 year window. I wrote a grovelling letter to ELCAS at my 13 year point and was accepted.
Not sure where my ELC ack letter is... can you get reprints?
If you have left the forces just contact Elcas - Enhanced Learning Credit Administration System or your single service representative on the numbers in the first post, if you are still in the forces then it would be your resettlement officer.
Im sure you could get it sorted as everything you signed up for wil be registered somewhere under your name / rank etc

UK Trades Training
I should point out that all hope is not lost if you miss the 8 to 8 1/2 year window. I wrote a grovelling letter to ELCAS at my 13 year point and was accepted.
Agree with this I was told I wasnt able to get ELC when I was on Resettlement 4 years ago (at 20 yr point) as all the paperwork had gone missing from the unit I was with in 2003 which had since disbanded. When I went on my initial IERO chat a few months ago he got me to put the paperwork in again with a one liner explanation and I recieved the good news a few weeks later......so if you missed the boat through no fault of your own and still serving speak to your IERO.
You allways have nothing to loose by asking, if you have nothing, and dont ask, you will still have nothing but if you ask you might get something.
Allways ask
but you didnt answer my question, can you now immeadiatley choose an external provider if the RTC/CTP provide what they claim to be the same course or do you still have to jump through the hoops to prove that the external providers course contains training that the CTP cse doesnt?
a couple of examples of this are the dive leaders course, obviously CTP want you to do their course in the murky depths of Falmouth but the course in Egypt provide more or less round the clock diving due to clear water etc..
CP course run by CTP doesnt do live firing but the ones in the Czech republic and SA do!
I should point out that all hope is not lost if you miss the 8 to 8 1/2 year window. I wrote a grovelling letter to ELCAS at my 13 year point and was accepted.
If you haven't registered when you should have, read Army Briefing Note ABN 16/11. See here:

Not sure where my ELC ack letter is... can you get reprints?
Yes, all you need is your Reggy number, just phone them: (I had a copy in my DII acct in about 3 minutes :thumright: )

UK: 0845 3005179
Overseas: 0044 1684 86 4157

Lines open 09:00 – 17:00 Monday to Friday excluding bank holidays
FF: DSPS A rules were that IRTC was ok for any course in the UK and the hoop-jumping contest was only for courses abroad - never understood why the contest because we paid exactly the same money wherever the course took place.

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