Understanding Bin ladens aims

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Agent_Smith, Aug 5, 2005.

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  1. Just found an interesting thread on unwashed75 (sic).

    Its all about Bin Ladens real aims.

    here is the post that started it

    There are some really good replies being posted, so if you want to keep an eye on it head over and have a look

    PS please don't start any fights, just observe and put your point forward with wit and intelligence. :D

    Urban75- Bin ladens real aims
  2. I bet Bin Liner was delighted when the Iraq war kicked off. He knew it would keep his lot in business for a decade or two longer.
  3. An astute business man to the end? (remind you of anyone in the good old US of A? :wink: )
  4. Hmmm, so they are, of course, totally ignoring the stated aim of many extreme Islamist groups (i.e. world Muslim domination with attendant sharia law) cos it disagrees with their anti-war, anti-US standpoint and are being what Lenin would term "useful idiots" as usual?
  5. A hunted man with an acute kidney problem living in a cave has won and Bush and Blair have lost? Ha ha ha. Only on Urban 75.

    That ex-CIA bloke has had his face all over the shop, and he has "disillusioned former Int Guy who doesn't understand where he fits in the machine" written all over him. Not being listened to by the Grown Ups now and then is all part of the deal, mate.

    And ain't it interesting that the CIA, one of the great Satans of the international tin-foil hat wearing Left, can be listened to when the voice feeds their own agenda?

    Don't make me laugh.

    Usama's objectives are irrelevant; the Pandora's Box of disaffected Muslims living in Europe has been opened and there is always a new grievance to sieze upon. People don't get it; it's basic stuff for any revolutionary movement that demands shift to the dynamic of your position in The Struggle. As soon as they give "X" you demand "Y."

    People like to think that this is a big, sexy, joined-up struggle for a variety of reasons. It isn't, it's a parochial, gritty, dirty little war that will be won patiently and discretely.

  6. Well, that was my first thought (typical anti american grauniad readers), but after reading the rest of the thread, it appears that quite a few of them have pointed out that whilst it may be Bin Ladens aim to remove the infidels from the holy lands, there are a shed load of other Fanatics who have islamic world domination as their no.1 goal.

    At least a few of them have their heads screwed on (for u75er's :wink: )
  7. Well put that man!
  8. Yep, nice analogy of Pandora's Box Mr Veg - you're absolutely bang on.