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Discussion in 'Education and Resettlement Courses' started by UK Trades Training, Sep 10, 2011.

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  1. Hi all,
    Darren here from UK Trades Training, anyone not sure about ELC, here is a simplified understanding of how to use them for training of your choice

    Understanding ELC and how to claim for training

    Enhanced Learning Credits (ELC) are an addition to the MOD allowances.
    All recruits can register during your first years service, there is a further registration period between the 8 year and 8 and half year period, forms are available from education staff, education centres and ELCAS (Elcas - Enhanced Learning Credit Administration System)

    People who were past their 8 and a half year point on 31st March 2004 who did not register cannot now join the scheme

    Length of service required for levels

    If you signed up for ELC
    There are 2 levels of ELC
    The first level currently £1000 is for an individual who has completed up to 4 years service

    The second level £2000 is for anyone who has completed more than 8 years service

    The entitlement is 80% towards the cost of the training up to the £1000 or £2000 levels, you must pay the remaining 20%, so if a course is £2500, ELC pay max £2000, you pay £500 for the second level (you can use your resettlement allowance for this payment, see below)

    How long can you claim

    ELC can be claimed for a maximum of 3 years which do not have to run consecutively,

    You are only allowed to make 1 claim per financial year (April – March)

    You are allowed to claim ELC for up to 10 years after leaving the forces (see below)

    Choosing a Training provider

    Your training provider must be registered with ELCAS and have a ELC Number which is 4 numbers

    Any training that you take must be at level 3 or higher and produce a qualification at this level

    How to use your ELC if you are still in service

    1. Find an approved training centre that you with to do your level 3 training at

    2. Contact them and provisionally book your dates for your course, no payment must be made

    3. Contact you resettlement officer and ask for the simple ELC claim form

    4. Fill out the form with your dates of training, the training centre name and 4 digit ELC number

    5. Send the form to ELCAS and wait approx 4 weeks for a return letter of acceptance,

    6. Arrange accommodation with your resettlement officer if you are in the last 2 years service

    7. Send the letter from ELCAS to the training centre, this is when you will have to pay your 20 % course contribution

    8. Turn up and complete course

    9. Centre claims your 80% contribution

    Resettlement Allowance

    Everyone leaving the forces is entitled to a resettlement allowance currently £534, this can be used only once but can be used at any training centre of your choice, there is no level of qualifications involved with this allowance, any training, any where,

    You will need to go to your resettlement officer and get a 1746 form


    1. Contact the training centre and send them the 1746 form
    2. They will fax that back to you with the dates which you have agreed to train with the form stamped
    3. You pay the full amount of the course
    4. Book your accommodation which the forces will pay for
    5. Do your training
    6. You claim your £534 back with the 1746 form

    Procedure for Claimants no longer in Service

    Contact ELCAS on Elcas - Enhanced Learning Credit Administration System

    The following information must be submitted to your Single Service Representative (address details below) a minimum of 25 working days prior to your course start date/registration date:

    • Fully completed claim form (section 1, 2 and 3)

    • Evidence of your last day of Service eg. copy of your discharge document, copy of P45 terminating employment, document stamped by regiment confirming leaving date

    • A copy of your driving licence or passport
    • A copy of a utility bill showing your home address
    • Full information about the course that you wish to undertake to include your details of your registration date where applicable

    • A copy of your Acknowledgment of Scheme Membership

    • A letter explaining how your chosen course of study will contribute towards personal development

    • Completion and submission of course evaluation form for all previous ELC funded

    Remember! If you are submitting your second or third claim you must complete your previous claim

    Single Service Representatives


    ELC Manager NTE(ER2)
    Floor 3, Mailpoint 3.3
    Leach Building, Whale Island
    HMS Excellent
    PO2 8BY
    Tel: 02392 625954
    Email: mailto: mailto: FLEET-FOST-TAEL3RRESETSO3C@mod.uk


    ELC Manager, DETS (A),
    Zone 4, Floor 2
    Ramillies Building, HQLF
    Monxton Road, Andover
    SP11 8HT
    Email: mailto: elc@detsa.co.uk
    Tel: 01264 381580 or 01264 381565


    Learning Credits Administrator
    Room 24, Hunter Block
    RAF High Wycombe
    Naphill, Buckinghamshire
    HP14 4UE
    Tel: 01494 495957
    Flight Lieutenant Learning Forces - address as above Tel: 01494 495603
    Email: mailto: 22TrgGp-LrngCreditsAdmin@mod.uk

    So there you go, hopefully that has give you the process of how to use your entitlements for any course subject of your choice at level 3 or above.

    We have had many force leavers train with UK Trades Training to use their ELC allowances. If you are interested in learning Plumbing, Plastering, Tiling, Locksmith, Decorating, Bricklaying or Kitchen Fitting and fancy a new career, check us out

    Best Regards

    Website UK Trades Training
  2. As ever, this is not quite correct - in fact it is positively misleading


    How much more of the sales pitch on the other post is inaccurate?
  3. Also a pain as i want to do a very specialist course but because they arent registered as ELC training providers (They have tried and cant apparently) Then i cant do the bloody course!
  4. Hi Codger

    I cant see where your coming from about misleading accommodation

    Under accommodation heading it says, 'ELC cannot be used for accommodation', but that is only if your outside the 2 year period, i was just meaning that accommodation can be sorted out, not from your own pocket, it wasnt supposed to be misleading, as you type you dont allways anylise it.

    If you have left the forces and using your ELC then you will have to pay for all your own accommodation, if you are using your ELC within the last 2 years of your service, your unit clark will be able to sort out your accommodation and food allowance, this is done from their preferred supplier hotel list and they will book you into a hotel closest to the centre where you are training, this is on top of the ELC entitlements that you are allowed.

    What generally happens is that they will pay 90% of the allowance for food (£25 per day) and your 90 % of your accommodation, this is normally advanced onto your wages, then you will pay for the hotel by your debit card but the money should be in your bank by then

    There is also a stipulation to get accommodation paid for that you have to be outside 50 miles or 90 minutes from the training centre otherwise you will have to stay at you barracks and commute
    We have 4 forces lads on at the moment all using ELC and are staying in the hotel that has been provided for them for the five week course they are attending

    The post is very informative on how to use ELC, it is a guideline simplified rather than pages and pages from the CTP and ELCAS website

    I mentioned my UK Trades Training because I put the post on but I would think that the info will be useful to anyone that is thinking of using ELC for ANY training company that is ELCAS registered.

    Dont want to fall out with anyone just thought your comment was a bit harsh, ELC is one of those topics that is current and not fully understood judging by the amount of views, so hopefully this post makes things a bit simpler to understand

    For full ins and outs go to ELCAS or your resettlement officer

  5. I think what he was referring to was that under the accommodation section you state:

    This makes it sound like the ELC scheme is providing your accommodation costs if in your last 2 years of service. What you are actually meaning to refer to is the ability to use the Night and Day Subsistence allowances.
  6. Yes exactly
    The origional post was to try and give a basic understanding of how to use ELC, sometimes when you type words out in a post, doesnt allways come over what your trying to get over

    Thanks for pointing it out to me, hopefully most new what i was talking about

    I get a lot of info from all the forces leavers that come on and book for our courses, we are dealing with ELC on a daily basis, just letting everyone know that its pretty straight forward to book any courses with any ELC training provider, they just have to be registered with ELCAS

    Crimson has been trying to book a course with a training provider, if they are not registered with ELCAS then you cant use the entitlements, i know i had to submit a lot of paperwork and the company history for quality, service, what you can offer and financial status is quite strict

  7. Im not convinced you can claim subsistence allowance just because you are claiming ELC in your last two years. You get the subsistence allowance along with resettlement but if you have already used this with your resettlement grant then you wont get that food and accommodation money back again. So i used my accommodation etc when i did my resettlement course earlier this year, now if i want to do a course using ELC are you telling me i can claim food and accommodation again, i think not but hope you are right, if you are where do i get this in writing. If i cant, then the original post was misleading.
  8. No, I'm afraid not, the allowances are linked to the number of GRT days you have remaining.jsp534 is what you need.
  9. Just confirming that ELC has NOTHING to do with subsistence allowance at all and the the initial post of the thread was very misleading.
  10. You are right, crimsonhussar. The post is misleading. Someone who gives their NTT has only 12 months max in resettlement but they can still use their ELC so this 2yr business is not exacly right either.
  11. This is mainly for codger

    I'm currently in the process of resettling and I am currently on one of the 5 week courses UK Trades Training. I have met Darren and he is one of the most helpful people I've met, same goes for all his staff. Darren mentioned about this post and to be honest codger all Darren is trying to do is give people an outlined idea of how the ELC is broken down to fund a course from them.

    I'd suggest that if you believe this information is incorrect then drop Darren a personal email advising him on how ELC should better be explained? After all this is a forum where people can come for helpful information yet people like yourself just sit and nitty pick (probes in work time as well) people's post.

    Darren I'll give you the contact details you need to get all information from someone who deals with resettling soldiers on a daily basis.

    Regards mick
  12. Which is fine and we all appreciate those that are trying to help, especially during periods such as resettlement. the issue was the information was wrong. The poster should have looked at the ELC aspects of resettlement rather than ELC alone, that is where it went wrong. Fundamentally the use of ELC has no direct link to food and accommodation charges. Resettlement makes that link but you do not have to use ELC to resettle although some choose to and then use their GRT funding to pay for food and accommodation etc. All Codger was doing is pointing out where there were inaccuracies, in fact agreeing with my original post. we are not saying it was wrong, just incomplete and therefore misleading. Nice bloke or not, he didn't get it right!
  13. does that mean they changed the rules then ?

    before i was out i was given 2 years defered resettlement, when i left wiht that deferment the leaflet regarding the use of the elc and other entitlements was that i could go on an elc funded course of up to 35 days and get my accomodation + drsa but that it would be limited to one claim for it regardless of any other course(s) i choose to undertake for ressetlement up to the grant entitlement, that being the same terms as anyone in there last 24 months of service except that they could use up annual leave for the course and still make the claims again on grt (up to 3 claims)

    but then again the chances of me being fit to even go on a course let alone attempt to find employment are limited so i doubt i will be using it ><

    i knew the forces had cut things somewhat but this all seems to be rather drasticly disadvantaging people now if your correct....
  14. Christsakes this is hard work! If it is deferred resettlement then it means that you never used your GRT so still have it 'in the bank', its nothing to do with ELC. Nothing has changed and our friend Darren has just confused the issue by not fully understanding what he was talking about in the first place. resettlement is so important that you must consult your local AEC and make sure that you fully understand what you are entitled to and how best to make use of the various grants that you have. Remember you get your SLC every year too but they are also not linked in anyway to food and accommodation but that doesnt stop you from using them in conjunction with GRT to achieve more from your grant. Darren if your place needs a resettlement adviser then give me a shout because im due out soon and will gladly do it. I have already used all of my GRT but still have ELC (2 lots) so am pretty aware of what is allowed and not. Could i also ask that you dont try and help again unless you have fully researched the subject. For some very strange reasons there are people out there who actually believe some of the stuff that is put on this site and sometimes its very important that they don't.
  15. Ive tried to be helpfull in the origional post of using ELC and give a general understanding which is generally what a forum is about, if something was misleading it wasnt intentional and as you said crimson i wont be posting again or trying to help anymore as people would just rather put you down for trying, I take on board what people are saying as the accomodation bit could be misleading, but instead of a simple correction post there seems to be this attitude. I have taken all the section out on accomodation.

    From the origional post they could take it further themselves and go into more personal details with the right people that actually deal with resettlement or entitlements which im sure will give them the correct advice as to what they are allowed to claim for.

    Still i think that service leavers should know and have a general idea, so i think the best thing to do crimson or anyone else is for you to write out a full post like i did and clearly explain yourself all the allowances and rules so that the information will be beneficial and helpfull for someone that is looking for guidance.
    If you do i hope nobody pulls it apart