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underrated films.

Without A Clue
Michael Caine and Ben Kingsley play Holmes and Watson. Watson is the brains and has hired a drunken actor hired to play Holmes. Great show.
This. I was frothing at the mouth and recommending this to anyone and everyone that I knew that mentioned "Holmes and Watson" or whatever that shithouse spoof was with Will Ferrell and John C Reilly.

"Are we talking of the same man who once declared with total conviction that the late Colonel Howard had been bludgeoned to death by a blunt excrement?"
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I enjoyed a Norwegian film called The Snowman, about an alcoholic detective searching for a serial killer. The twist was that the murder was the detective's ex wife's partner. It was a bit confusing that the detective assigned to assist him and his ex wife looked very similar.
I'll put forward the Norwegian film "Trollhunter"
The other night I caught the laser twenty or so minutes of Manhunter. This was overshadowed by The Silence Of The Lambs and later Red Dragon. It focuses not so much on the serial killer as the FBI profiler trying to work out who is murdering all these women and their families.
Brian Cox was better as Hannibal Lector than that Welsh bloke.
I had to look Steve Martin up on wiki to figure out when he stopped being funny. I doubt he’d be allowed to make The Jerk now (outstanding film); no one would bankroll The man with 2 Brains. For me his last great role was as the dentist in Little Shop of Horrors - all great underrated films. But then he lost his mojo.... or maybe I did!
"Planes, Trains and Automobiles" was made the year after "Little Shop Of Horrors"
Some Mel Brookes films, let's be fair most of his are underrated, but top notch here are my personal favourites, not forgetting he'd not be allowed to make the vast majority of his films if he was trying to today. Much of his stuff is lampooning hit films or genres.

Blazing Saddles - Touted by utter morons as a racist film, when it's about Bart getting the better of the bigoted, stupid, inbred white folks. Superbly made and acted, Cleavon Little clearly struggled to keep a straight face through most of it.
Young Fankenstein - Silly and again a classic. BLUCHER!
Dracula, Dead and Loving It - A great take on Dracula and if you ignore the good comedy not far off the actual book.
History of the World Part 1 - Totally worth a watch if you want a laugh.
Spaceballs - A fun watch.

Plenty of others to pick from too.
I love watching millenials watching "Blazing Saddles" for the first time on Youtube movie reactions.

I tried buying a DVD copy of it recently. Couldn't find it anywhere. I didn't want to see a classic movie like this get the Netflix treatment (disappear)

Back to Mel Brooks, I'll put my hand up for "To Be Or Not To Be". May not be a "bust a gut" laugh fest like Mels previous work, but a very well made film and still funny.
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Another underrated John Candy movie is The Great Outdoors.
John Candy takes his family on a nostalgic holiday to a cabin, only to be outshone by his irritating Brother in Law (Dan Ackroyd) who he doesn't know will be there. Very, very good.
It's probably the only time I've seen John Candy play the straight man.
I posted this on the internet thread but it works just as well here.

"The Plank" was originally a short black and white film starring Eric Sykes and Tommy Cooper, but was remade in 1979 in colour starring Eric Sykes and Arthur Lowe as the main characters, and a host of well know faces of the time in minor parts. On the whole the film is silent, yes there are sounds and voices of minor characters, but the main two don't say a word.

What makes it great therefore are the facial expressions and body gestures, matched with in many cases pure slapstick comedy that you can see coming a mile off. Nowadays comedy needs a swear word in every sentence, so where did we go wrong?

More from Eric Sykes

2 of my favourite quirky films:
Micmacs (French) (had a bit of a thing about Julie Farrier)
Micmacs (2009) - IMDb

Rare Exports (Finnish)
2 of my favourite quirky films:
Rare Exports (Finnish)
Forgot about Rare Exports. Seems like they have a lot of interesting movies from that region of the globe.

You've reminded me of another one.

'Saint' from the Netherlands. Great horror movie, perfect one for Christmas time (starts off with a bunch of students giving each other dildos for Christmas presents, then an undead bishop called Sinterklas from hundreds of years ago comes back to kill kids.)

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I did like ‘Big Game’ with Sam Jackson. Very entertaining.

I think I will have a look at ‘Saint’ to add to my library. Many thanks.

pc flaps

War Hero
I'd nominate Duel, Spielberg's first film, about a murderous truck terrorising a car driver. Has lots of Spielberg's directorial tricks in it.

Also among underrated horror films, Event Horizon, well put together and scary as sh1t.
I'd nominate Duel, Spielberg's first film, about a murderous truck terrorising a car driver. Has lots of Spielberg's directorial tricks in it.

Also among underrated horror films, Event Horizon, well put together and scary as sh1t.
Watched "Event Horizon" for the first time about two weeks ago. Good movie.

I was on a bit of a Sean Pertwee kick at the time so I watched "Dog Soldiers" then the TV show "Gotham"

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