Is it just me or does anbody else consider that we are desperatly underpaid within the Corps, and I dont mean Sky gods, who do deserve the flying pay and benifits, not just becouse the do a demmanding job if and when they can fly, and of course retension.

But Signallers, Drivers, Storeman, Gunners/Crewman and Training staff.

All of witch have a vast arrey of skills that can but may not always be required on a day to day base.

Of course we cant go on strike and demand more pay, becouse there is nobody to fill our boots :eek:

And this would be the last thing a soldier would do, that would be like threaterning to sign off just before a promotion board.

Perhaps their is no more money avllible, fine instead of a pay rise, how about if I stop paying tax.

Dont they see a happy soldier is a well paid soldier ?
Totally agree with your post.

Mind you when and if you get the pay rise, how long before they put quarter charges up again?
Its such a shame that the AAC doesn't (well, doesn't seem to) fight more for its groundcrew.... have felt a bit miffed for the bulk of my career about that.

When the good old WRAC was around, they earnt more than me.... now even the slop jockeys get a better wage than todays juniors.....

We will be never happy with our pay, but you are right when we look at the RLC who do the same driver training at Leconsfield and get something like £8 a day extra.

To get the deserved trade pay we need a good trade pay team who understand the structure and not just a Lance Jack and a WO1 on side! (Higher Rates!)


The whole lance jacks on higher rate pay is great, until you get promoted to full-screw and your pay go's up by 60 pence per day..............

so whats the point of being promoted anyway?

how about going aircrew i hear you cry, stock answer seams to be, "you are more useful on the ground, have you really thought this through....."

and when you ask to do a doorgunner's course you get told no, you're more use as a signaller

why did the majority of groundys join the air corps anyway................................................

answers on a postcard to glasgow please

:-/  :-X  :'(
Give all the groundcrew higher rates of pay and give all pilots lower rates. Lets face it they earn flying pay anyway so why give them higher pay scales.

Lets now wait for the fallout from that one.


But after all those RLC chef types do earn their higher rate pay, all those unsociable hours, warm working conditions, always equiped with vehicles, that difficult choice of chips or.......... chips
We all know why we don’t get Higher Rates lets not bet about the bush, if we had a retention problem we would all get better pay  :eek:

Ow now you’ve done it

It grips my sh*t !

They promise the world and then when they have you by the balls the tell you sorry no benefits for you mate.

And then to add insults to injure you get to the 21 year point, sorry thanks for the best years of your life. but we don’t really need you now.

Good luck with a job.

Good I hope something changes in the next 10 years or aim Bolxxxed.



The powers that be at Daavn need to get their fingers out of each others backsides and start making waves for us groundies. They need realise that our glorious corps has more to it than the AH. Until then we will always be the second class citizens. :mad:
This subject has been doing the rounds since I joined in '86.  On many occassions I was quizzed by other Corps and Regt members on how much I was on, their thinking was that as AAC, I must be loaded.  All were quite surprised that they were on more then me, and me being in the 'Jack of all Trade' Corps as well.  I don't think the higher echlons will ever get it that all groundies have always had a thing about their pay.  I think there was only one occassion in my time when there was a good pay rise, and that was after GW1.

Your stuck with what you've got, like it, or join us in the free world (which is considerable more harder to live with).

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