Underpaid Tax

just had a letter through from the inland revenue stating that i have underpaid my tax bill by £...... & that it would be reclaimed in this years tax bill.

never had one of these in the last 20+ years, so i was wondering if this is normal practice????

i thought that all of this was dealt with at glasgow OR i am wrong with this assumption????

thank you in advance.



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Been there and done it. It is really not unusual. So long as you don’t dispute the amount, just accept it and go with the flow. You could, of course, also opt to pay it in a oner. I did once dispute the amount, and they were content to suspend their demand while we “discussed” the logic and eventually met half way.
If you're serving and PAYE then it's worth challenging. People do and believe it or not HMC & IR have been known to back down, especially when the sums involved are relatively small.


HMRC never "back down" but by asking for a computation of the alleged underpayment you will force a "human" to look at it and either amend it to agree with the facts or explain how the underpayment has arisen.

If you need more detailed help PM me as I have a certain expertise in this area :winkrazz:
cheers chaps.

pleasure as always.

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