undermanned positions

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by sweetjebus, May 10, 2010.

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  1. what jobs are undermanned through out the army
  2. Why???? Are you looking for a quick way in???
    The SAS are undermanned!!!!
  3. According to armyjobs.mod.uk:

    RLC Ammunitions Tech
    RLC Supply Spec
    RLC Postal and Courier Op
    Sigs Communication Systems Engineer
    AGC Human Resource Spec
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  5. Not really I am considering infantry but also thinking about gaining something for civilian life so looking into the rlc, I just simply wondering what trades are undermanned so if a specific trade was mentioned i could assume I wont be waiting a while for a space to open.

    What jobs interests me are the following:

    I enjoy cooking an could see myself opening my own restaurant an I assume as a chef Ill travel where ever the army operates.

    This trade do interest me quite alot plus were it states i could gain nvq,s in carpentry an other trades plus they do some soldiering but I,ve read alot of slagging about them on here so thats putting me off, I dont wanna be doing bog standard jobs or being someones labourer during my service (i remember seeing them on bbc news attached to the mercians on herrick about two years back so i assume they get to see a bit off action which is a plus), the RE dont interest me an I havent got the right quals any how.
  6. Just out of interest, why are you attracted to being a Pioneer but not to being a Combat Engineer? If you are assuming that Pioneers get stuck in on the front-line whilst Sappers sit in the rear with the gear then you are very sorely mistaken...
  7. been lookin at the RE on the army jobs website an combat engineer has caught my eye but I can only find the territorial version an it states no quals required but surely you must need gcse's to get into the regs, also military engineer communications sounds interesting I will have a search on here about that trade but does anyone know the barb scores for these roles?
  8. All Royal Engineers conduct Combat Engineer training at Minley, Surrey after part one. Henceforth all regular Royal Engineers are Combat Engineers, and conduct the training regardless of which trade they select.
  9. As HS has said above, you'll be trained as a Combat Engineer in the RE regardless of what other trade you select. Indeed, for the bulk of people combat engineering is what they'll do most of during their career. Take a look around the RE forum for all the info you could ever want...
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  13. not at all undermanned!
    i came out last year and go back to catterick october and ive had to have a mate in battalion pull strings to get me back to 2nd pwrr as its at 105% manning and that's the same with most other infantry reg! maby the Scots and some from kings div are not as full but i can assure you mate infantry is just as long wait as most others!