Undermanned jobs in the army?

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by Trooper_Sefton, May 24, 2010.

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  1. anyone know which jobs are undermanned?

    oh and no im not a journalist :)
  2. In which case visit your nearest ACIO.
  3. If you've spent more than 5 seconds on arrse in the last few days, you might find that IEDD/ATO-type people (apologies if terminology incorrect) are in fairly short supply right now...
  4. If you are serveing get the MS vaccent posts list of DII.
  5. Field Marshal posts are pretty undermanned right now.....look into that!
  6. Why didn't you look into joining the Regular army?

    The guy is asking a genuine question, so give him a break you civvie cunt.
  7. It had Infantry as a most wanted job, surely that can't be true?
  8. Ok you got me there.....but how the **** do we know which are the undermanned jobs......I am not sure even the AFCO would know but i am damn sure they are the best people to ask.

    oh and just so you can sleep tonight 'natotattie' as soon as my med deferral runs out i will be on my AFCO's door step. Then hopefully i will no longer be a civvie. You unfortunately will always be a Cnut! ;)
  9. Granted, always a cunt but a regular Army, stinking of slipstream and weighted down with Operational medals cunt. Get your heels together and unzip my flies......................
  10. I would say so, when you've got a whole company wounded or dead on every Herrick you're going to need to replace them.
  11. Well until you are deemed fit enough to join up how about less of the smart arse comments to a genuine question. And why the Gunner cap badge? Cadets?
  12. ..... or watched Panorama on Monday night?!!!
  13. The RADC!!
  14. Or looked on reed.co.uk.