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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by BPS666, Jun 1, 2008.

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  1. Boris banned drinking on the tube and a load of people went on the lash! Is this just a bit of thumbing their noses or could it be the start of civil disobedience? I sincerely hope it's the latter. Nothing against Boris, but I hope this sort of thing starts happening up and down the country. I know there was thread on this sort of thing a while back but what sort of activities could be undertaken (within the law) which would cause big ol' problems for Brown and Co PLC Ltd.
  2. It was a bit of light entertainment
  3. Just the middle class "rent a mob" webels causing trouble.
  4. 17 arrests, couple of assaults?.....not a great advert for those who wanted to keep on drinking on the tube. I'm glad he's banned it. Nothing worse than being sat opposite some drunken chav 'wot you fahkin lookinaart' f*ckwit on the train and then the 'huvyegoattenpeefurrahcuppoteeJim" or the newish one...the African 'give me twenty pee for some cheeps man" when you get off the c*nt.

    I hope now, that'll he'll tackle the immigrants who use it as a hunting ground for the crimes they'd be too scared to commit back in Kosovo or Outer Jibrovia or wherever they come from.
  5. According to the invitation (it was in Time Out, I believe on websites as well), it was simply to have a last drink on the tube before it became illegal.

    So - no civil disobedience, just a last chance to get ratassed and throw up on the tube ...
  6. Yes, I think that it is right that boozing on the Underground should be banned. There is far too much binge drinking that results in public order offences. This policy will take time to bed down.

    As for those drunken Numpties who 'celebrated' this, whats the betting none of them cleared away the mess they left of bottles, cans and spew. It appears to tbe the attitude of many poeple is ..."Who Gives a Sh1te....!"

    It will be some time before this is generally accepted, the same as the 'No Smoking' on the Tube after the Kings Cross fire disaster of 1987. When the smoking ban went into operation, there just as many people who objected to this, but it was gradually accepted after a few years.
  7. All caused by a bunch of suits going large. If there was a fight in the street or a pensioner being claimed, they would bury their heads in a newspaper.

    Knobs all of them.