Underground military museum North Wales

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by brettarider, Apr 24, 2007.

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  1. I can remember visiting this in the mid 80's as a kid it was located in the mine were the bouncing bombs etc were stored and had one of the only known surviving LRDG Chevy wagons left(it had been uncovered in Lybia?. Anyone know what happened to both the museum and and Chevy?
  2. Shut down and gone a long time ago.
  3. Where was it? I kinda like underground places :oops:
  4. Used to love that place - I might still have a guidebook at my mum and dad's.

    Closed down a long time ago - early 1990s ISTR.
  5. Near Rhyl IIRC mind you wouldn't mind a snoop on the old boat moored up there surprised it's not been turned into a floating hostel for eastern euro workers yet
  6. Hi,

    The chev. is now in the IWM, London, (where it can't go rusty, unlike in the underground museum).

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  7. That indeed is the place used to have a Sherman parked up at the entrance
  8. "What's the "boat" at Mostyn? When I lived in Colwyn Bay and went by train to Chester, I recall seeing a small ex-RN vessel moored up in a creek somewhere near Flint... This was back in the 1970's.

  9. Hi few year's late here but my dad also use to take me to this place alot to been trying to find out the location for years so i can show my son the area dose any one know exact location any info most will be very much appreciated :D
  10. Hi,

    It was called The Grange Cavern Military Museum.

    The link is to a ebsite with a copy of their old flyer, with a map to get there at the bottom, although I think the A55 is not in the same place.

    grange cavern | the home front museum

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  11. If that boat is the "Duke of lancaster)? then its the one that took us to Belfast for the first time, sailed out of Heysham if memory serves me right,bloody awful trip.
  12. Cancel my last ....just seen post by datumhead
  13. Thank very very much very big help

    Best regards silly :)