Underground carpark issues

I have a flat that I let out (due to negative equity etc, we couldn't sell it) and have had some new tenants move in. Today I had an email from them saying that their motorbike had been damaged in the underground car park. Apparently someone had moved it, then when the tenants moved it back, someone had tried to move it again and dropped it and it was damaged.

I'm quite worried about the email as it seems to imply that I am responsible for repairing the bike. The space they park it in is allocated to the flat, there is a permit system and the carpark has security code/swipe card entry gates. For some reason, the space has a disabled badge allocated to it as well but the flat is on the 2nd floor and there is no lift so I'm not sure how the developers worked that out!

I'm not sure what to do. I haven't spoken to the estate management yet but the tenants have and they have said there is nothing they can do as they only hold the buildings insurance.

I have the appropriate contents insurance and consent to lease from my lenders and am fairly confident that I haven't got any financial liability although I will do my best to help them sort this out.

Am I liable for anything (I don't think so) What should I do?

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