Hey there -

I am going to college but would rather go to RMAS straight after that.. will this limit my oppurtunitys/promotion chances?

Cheers guys
There has been loads of posts regarding this topic on this forum. A good search will bring up some very valuable information.

To sum up some key points (from my ideology anyway):
-Are you grown up enough to deal with the vast array of issues your men/women will come to you with?
-What will you do if/when you leave the army?
-A graduate gets more money and will have 3 years seniority on those with no degree (by this I mean those that will be commissioning with you).
-Look at the promotion ladder between those with a degree and those without. Also look at rates of pay whilst in training?
-Why not go to uni get a degree and just have loads of fun? Join the TA or UOTC whilst at university to get that army feel?
-I know Officer Cadets at RMAS now who don't have a degree but went away and worked for a few years, if university is not for you then this could be a viable option. The big issue you will face is your experiences are very rarely enough when entering straight from college/6th form to deal with the demands of platoon commander life.

Ultimately the decision is yours on whether you go to university or not, but trawl through the threads on this topic and see whether this gives you a clearer picture on what to do next. If all else fails speak to your ACA and see what he/she recommends.


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