Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by TheSnake, May 23, 2008.

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  1. OK, i'm pretty crap at posting decent topics, but i need to air ths one.
    I've done pretty ok this month, and decided to lash out on some decent beer on a Friday afternoon.
    Spent just over a tenner on some Carlsberg 'Jacobsen Saaz Blonde' lager (7.1abv).
    After 4 bottles, i felt pretty good, called the other half names in jest (spnuk bubble, wnka stain etc...:D )...Then feck me, i sharted for the first time on my life for fecks sake..!!Had to drench my grollies under the sink in case i was rumbled...i just know she will cotton on when she does the washing, but i can live with the shame (just).
    Jesus, i was used to more obscene things whilst i was serving, but i'm 40 now, and feel like a little kid.
    K cider nearly did the dirty deed for me, but christ that Carlsberg shite beer is awesome !!
  2. 7.1%ABV! Are you in training to become a Harold Ramp? 8O
  3. Nay! A real Thirteen Amp would be knecking Special Brew at 9%.
  4. True electric soup connoisseurs sup Tennents Super Lager. :pissed: :puker:
  5. You need to air your nick nicks if you ask me. :oops:
  6. Or, you could just tell her that you have decided to expand your sexual boundaries a little, and have decided to get into skat movies, and were just trying it out to see how it felt.

    If she then suggests buying a glass coffee table, your safe.
  7. Only if you are a member of the Harry Ramp aristocracy, normal Harrys go for the standard beverage of Aldi Sherry:

  8. Did you just admit to shitting yourself? On the internet? That only 35000 people are going to read?

    Wait until Saintstone finds out.......
  9. Time for the mods to merge this with the Sport of Kings thread perhaps...
  10. Who? :D
  11. I can't wait to see "Four Bottles,One Cup"
  12. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Four bottles, a man and a woman . . . and one cup (and a frying pan, ladle, rolling pin, chair, and table . . . . . . and a divorce lawyer) :)