Undercrackers and socks

Okay - this sounds like a silly question but....

My brother arrived in a sandy place last week and when I managed to speak to him the other day I asked him was there anything he wished he had taken. He said decent socks and boxer shorts suitable for marching around all day carrying loads of kit in a hot place - "not cotton" were his words.

To be honest I haven't got a fecking clue what to buy him and can't find any threads recomending particular brands - so I'm throwing it over to you warry rough and tumble lot to see if you can help a lad on his first tour to get comfortable pants.

I feel ridiculous typing this so please be gentle.


Lots of decent socks available at Blacks etc, can't help with the undercrackers prefer cotton boxers myself although he may be wanting lycra short type jobbies although these are already issued and are horrible sweaty things.
Silk undies?

Although this may make him rather popular with the other "arms" once word gets out.

Or a kilt...... :D
gentleman_bastard said:
Thanks BB but I thought I could leave it unsaid that I'd be slipping a comedy thong in there as well. I mean, thats obvious...
A Mankini would be good for a laugh!!! Imagine unpacking one in view of a roomie pmsl :D
Bridgedale light hiking for the hot weather and trekker for the cold, the issued undercrackers give lots of support, stop chaffage but are unfeasibly hot.
He's best off going commando with his fly half-buttoned, and having a good dhobi round with his sage wipes as often as practicable.
For socks, Coolmax work for me.
Lowe Alpine and Helly Hansen both make underwear designed to wick sweat away from the skin. Icebreaker is also a good make, using merino wool, which sounds like it would be hot as hell, but isn't. The good thing about merino is that it doesn't start stinking as quickly as some man made fibres. Look on the Cotswold Outdoor wbsite and you should find something.
Socks, Bridgedale, Thorlo, or 1000 Mile.

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