Undercover Snipers

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Psyops_Illustrator, Aug 4, 2006.

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  1. I heard, and I don't know how much truth is in it, and thinking about OPSEC, but.... we have the right to know!

    There are a group of 'soldiers' training ....well Im not going to say, but remember the tales of dolphins and mines on ships, dogs detecting arms and munnitions, canarys in mines? (What the hell that has to do with it????)

    Well I photographed this:


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  2. Thanks for a new desktop background!
  3. Christ on a Bike so its true!!
  4. when will the little snipers be off on ops
  5. Don't they have to have purrmission from their Parents prior to deployment?
  6. *hands coat*
  7. Psyops_Illustrator im taking you to court for copyright, I trained this kitten in my cell at Rampton!!
  8. There you go, I've made you a desktop picture.

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  9. I have to say you are very much mistaken... It is actually a very clever disguise, already you are confused...Hell I think you were confused before getting here.

    Out of disuise... you have met 'Killer the Kaula' dead shot and just mingles with alsorts of backgrounds, KITTEN....Baaah, got you all!

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  10. I'm hearing that final training of striping the rifle down in hostile territory is being undertaken as we speak... this little guy was cam'd up for the desert, as can be seen!

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  11. must be para regt

  12. Improvised shooting position for a sniper and his spotter...But, what if they receive return fire... Poor spotter is gonna get a sore arrse....
  13. Wouldn't it be better to put the rifle into the arrse crevice? surely that would be more stable? Perhaps a monopod inserted into the rectum (if you are that way inclined) twitching of the sphincter could be used to adjust aim, and it would serve as a good pivot point.
  14. I think the spotter has just "spotted" the fact his shooter has not even loaded the rifle yet, hence him staring at the magazine!!
  15. Actually at Sniper Skool, they say the crevis isnt good as sometimes uncontrolled bottom burping occurs which causes revibration of the barrel, nestled deep within, the ripple of the cheeks could mean the trajectory of the round deviating from its target by some 31.657% concurrent with the wind speed over the height under sea level. Sorry, above sea level.. So here is the ideal spotter, fcuk the rest!

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