Undercover reporting and allegations of bullying at ITC

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This case is being investigated, and in accordance with existing Arrse rules, has been removed pending investigation and outcome.

Any further topic starters on the subject will be removed until a conclusion is reached.

The MOD's official statement is as follows:

"Bullying is absolutely unacceptable and fundamentally at odds with the Army’s core values. We take all allegations of inappropriate behaviour extremely seriously and investigate thoroughly.

"We were already in the process of investigating several of the cases highlighted by the BBC and where allegations were new, we immediately launched further investigations. We are, however, unable to comment on the details of specific cases so that we do not prejudice ongoing legal processes.

"We have a duty of care to our people to make sure that they are prepared for operating in the harshest of environments and for the challenge of combat operations. But while the training regime must be tough, the Army does not tolerate bullying.

"All soldiers are made aware that if they are a victim of bullying then they can complain either through their chain of command or to the independent Service Complaints Commissioner.

"We keep the standards of training across all Army facilities under constant review to ensure that the core values are being observed, and our training establishments are also the subject of continuous scrutiny by external, independent authorities. Where issues or problems are highlighted, the Army acts swiftly to deal with them."

This was posted by the Ministry of Defence. You can find a copy at www.blogs.mod.uk
Not open for further replies.

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