Undercover police using identities from dead children

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by BounceBanana, Jul 17, 2013.

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  1. Undercover officers used the names of 42 dead children to create fake identities - MacclesField Express

    I think The Seagull was in Gwent Police. So he may recall about 1994 there was a bizarre burglary at "Gold Tops" the Newport, Gwent Registrar of Births Marriages and Deaths. And the areas history of B M D was nicked.

    I seem to recall that at about that time there were investigations occurring, with Chief constable permission, trawling the area Regional Crime Squad Records. It not being clear whether that inquiry team were from MI5 or a specialist Scotland Yard War Criminals Inquiry unit.

    What that team were looking at was the 1970s RCS inquiry into aliens registrations, GP death registrations and suspected identity thefts (of dead UK citizens who were suspected of having bee certified dead in alien names). And my information is that the Chief constable allowed the outside investigation team to take away the RCS case file.

    The RCS inquiry circa 1971 had started with routine aliens registration visit to Llanhennock Leonard Cheshire Home. That in turn started bizarrely. As the Det sgt thought a qualified nurse there was actually using the name and qualifications of another lady who he knew to be a qualified nurse.

    The Harold Shipman Inquiry looked at how our death registration arrangements could be tightened up. But on legal advice were told that the Gwent RCS/Special Branch etc history was beyond their terms of reference.

    On stillbirths. As I understand it the Australian Govt admitted that still births had been falsified for what were actually live births. Babies were in fact being stolen by the state. They claim the practice ended in 1973.

    As I understand it in the late 60s early 70s the two counties with significantly high still birth rates were Suffolk and ......... GWENT.

    As I understand it after the PRO Release re Horst Kopkow "Impeccable Intelligence sources" briefed BBC, Times and Mail that they had "Always suspected" that the charity used death registrations to acquire UK identities for the Vatican ratlines.

    So don't expect this one to get beyond an outrage against poor old plod.
  2. It's all that Frederick Forsyth's fault.
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  3. Have you never read a spy novel?
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  4. I honestly can't see a problem with using dead peoples names.
    Hang on. It's Bananaman, it's not like he'll enter a debate and fight his corner.

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  5. Gawd. It's not like the government could just manufacture any identity it wanted on an as needed basis.

    Oh wait...
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  6. Not seeing the problem here.
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  7. Nothing to see here, move along

    Pay no attention to the dribbling retard in his shiny best crime fighting pants

    Sent in a harsh font, using finger paints
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  8. I think you're spot on and I'm going to kill myself in protest.

    That'll learn 'em.
  9. Don't you get gravy with your chips in Macclesfield?
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  10. Identity theft, catholic children's home, stolen children, dodgy spies and bent coppers.......I like pies me! Does anyone else here like pies?
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  11. Only if you order beer and sex with them.
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  12. It sounds lovely, might be a bit of fit...
  13. ..crack down the old bear's head, perchance?
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  14. Pork pies. Proper old-school pork pies with white pepper, mace, a decent crust, jelly - very important, the jelly - and a dab of mustard. Mmmmmmm.

    --Glad (24 days in a strict Muslim country and counting)
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  15. Indeed. Do you smoke Players No.6 by any chance?