Undercover plod goes native.

Discussion in 'Police, PMCs, Security' started by vvaannmmaann, Jan 10, 2011.

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  1. Mr Kennedy is believed to have resigned in 2009 - On health grounds perhaps?
  2. The first annoyance I can see is that he didn't use a traditional eco-protestor name. Swampy is reserved, but he could have been sweepy, squelch, skelly, skimpy, skewwhiff, skinny, skirm, skivey, slangy, slacky, slappy, sloppy, Slither, Sloth, smokey, smudge, smirky, snappy, snakey, etc. I'm sure you get the idea, but Mark? oh come on, I would have spotted him pretty darn quick with a name like that.

    Secondly, isn't this typical telegraph reporting? It shouldn't be a matter of sides. His first duty is to the Court, to the truth of the matter. If he has evidence to give that defends them, then he should give it. After all the oath is to tell the whole truth not just the bits that the police want to give. Quite franky it sounds to me one of those cases that shouldn't have gone to court in the first place. More like some local authority being heavy handed against some hippy types and getting it wrong. No doubt they'll cook up some other scam to harrass the hippys instead.
  3. Let's not let the truth get in the way of some misinformed outrage eh? :)
  4. Bang on. Sounds like he was serving the interests of justice to me. The news is reporting him as 'changing sides'. I don't agree. If you ask me, this can only reinforce the point of view that police are engaged on these operations to collate all the evidence, and package it up to present to a court, who make a decision as to whether to convict. It is not the duty of the officers involved to determine whether those involved are guilty or not. Whether spending hundreds of thousands on this type of op can be justified, is another question entirely.
  5. I think that there will be more to come out, possibly in a book. It would seem that this guy was compromised to some degree two years ago when his Hippy nickname changed from 'Flash' to 'Detective Stone'.

    It seems that his real passport was seen by some protesters as well last October and it is reported that it was then that he admitted his role.

    As for sides, well that is exactly how a Criminal Trial shapes out, Defence and Prosecution, for and against, call it what you will one side has to lie while the other tries to present the truth and/or give excuses.

    As for serving the interests of justice, what was he serving until he changed his mind?

    Mark Kennedy: A journey from undercover cop to 'bona fide' activist | Environment | The Guardian
  6. The News channels are now referring to 'the six innocent men' as probably they are.
  7. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    So basically you can become a copper and spend a few years smoking weed and banging hippy birds while getting paid!?

    Sign me the **** up.
  8. What he said.

    Seriously however, this is amazing - I had no idea that the police behaved like this and they have plunged in my estimation. Shame on the Met, utter shame. You incited criminal activity and wasted public money. I hope that many and significant heads roll, you bunch of cretins.
  9. Why spend so much time and money infiltrating Swampy and the Crusty Jugglers? They're not exactly Al Queda.
  10. Easier than getting a result in serious crime?
  11. all depends on what intellignce they have, its possible that they have assocations with groups like ALF responsable for bombings and the like

    you never know if someones dangrous untill you look into them
  12. They knew for years who the rabid hate preachers were and did **** all for ages and then not much.
  13. that was seen by the public
  14. Well for a start, they're not exactly going to saw your head off with a rusty didgeridoo on Al Jazeera when they catch you, are they?