Undercover officer and attempts to "Smear" the Lawrence family

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by BounceBanana, Jun 24, 2013.

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  1. Police 'smear' campaign targeted Stephen Lawrence's friends and family | UK news | The Guardian

    I welcome any move towards establishing the truth of the killing.

    So far the media attention appears to me to be a case of begging the question fallacy. IE The whistleblower retrospective interpretation of his orders is that he was asked to help smear the Lawrences. And his opinion then pops up as the media conclusion supported by absolute no evidence other than the headline grabbing opinion of the man who has kept quiet how many years ?

    I would expect an inquiry to be ordered in any case in which justice may be distorted by political exploitation of a crime.

    I would expect an inquiry in any case in which evidence might be concealed or manipulated to support political exploitation of a crime.

    In fact the PCA had called in Kent Police IIRC March 97 to investigate Met handling of the Lawrence case. When Labour came to power that PCA inquiry was already under way. It was complicated in August 97 when Kent Police Authority called on Chief constable for inquiry and report into a range of matters such as gun running and far right paramilitary activity.

    Jack Straw ordered his inquiry before the PCA inquiry had completed.

    Jack Straw then refused to compel the associated inquiry called for by Kent Police Authority (Norris family being the line of inquiry common to Lawrence case and the inquiry called for by KPA))

    Jack Straw's ministerial colleague Alun Michael (if James Shortt can be believed) was in communication with Jimbo circa August 97. The very month Kent Police Authority were calling for Deal barracks security history and use inquiries.

    The cell mate confession information we sent to Met a few years later was of a six strong politically motivated gang of young black men. An incident involving a white woman victim near a supermarket. Met Police already in attendance as the six strong gang broke into three pairs to escape. And one pair ending up confronted by local white youths who were familiar with the gang of 6 and their technique of getting away as three pairs usually after assaults on individual white youths.

    It may be that Lawrence was a case of mistaken identity. The cell mate confession identified the alleged killer and it is not one of those convicted though not a mile away. We properly reported this information to Met.

    And as for Duwayne Brooks having just one case thrown out by a Judge. The True family who closed the 6th Thanet Gun range have had four or more malicious prosecutions thrown out by Judges. And their son had circa 80 HORT1 producers per year for 15 years. The family on occasions mocked that Plod could not get away with that persecution if they were black. But since they are only white hard luck.

    My position is that Stephen Lawrence has equal rights to justice with anyone else. Including 11 Royal Marines murdered at Deal 1989.

    Sad to say that is a view not shared by Jack Straw and Alun Michael.
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  6. This Lawrence stuff will still be in the news in the year 3000.

    Thousands of people have suffered injustice at the hands of the police.

    Whoopee doo.
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  7. How many of them were personally handed an award by St. Nelson of Soweto?
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  9. The Met should sue the 'urban' people of South London for making it a hell-hole and a nightmare to police effectively. Here me now.
  10. What does an investigation into the Lawrence family by the Met indicate? Other than looking for a possible motive for the murder I'm struggling to see what gains could be made. As for 'smearing' the family, why?
  11. Because the Met are cunts and hate black people?
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  12. You couldn't be much more wrong.

    1- you're talking about a murder that happened 20 years ago before the Met even had a homicide dept

    2- political correctness and thought crime are alive and well in today's police

    3- This bloke said fck all about this at the time, even though it supposedly horrified him as he was doing it, and has subsequently waited 20 years before saying anything? I think not.

    I believe there's a fair bit of exaggeration going on here, especially as this bloke knows that records of covert ops were not as substantial or detailed as they are now.
  13. He wouldn't be the first person to take this tragedy and build a career out of it.

    Such "Whistle Blowers" should have their integrity scrutinised as if he's covered up something as shocking a this for 20 years what other skeletons does he have in his closet that he's not telling us about.

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  14. Perhaps to distract attention from the fact that one of the senior detectives on the case was involved in a corrupt relationship with the gangster father of one of the murderers.
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