Undercover: Footballs dirty secrets

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Taz_786, Sep 19, 2006.

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  1. So did it prove anything that most people didnt already know. It didnt actually show money changing hands, and its all clever editing. I bet the Allerdyces have their lawyers aaround for breakfast this morning though
  2. I was out last night DS. Who are the named and shamed? Did they mention me and a certain woman in Berlin in '86?
  3. Your safe D&G (for now anyway). Mainly a couple of agents and Sam Allerdyce and his son. Chelsea are in their as well, as are Liverpool, but it was all a bit wishy washy. Nothing concerete
  4. But bigsam was named already. So a lot of pre screen hype then? I thought they were going to name 8 or 10 people. I'm safe for now re. Berlin '86 or Pardew or both?
  5. Yes some of it was wishy washy the bit's with the tapping up especially so but to be able to make such allegations surely the BBC must be confident enough to prove it legally otherwise Bg Sam will take them to the cleaners!
  6. Will be interesting to see Allardyce's next move. Presumably if he is innocent he will want to take the BBC to the cleaners ( ;-) I'm sure he can afford it ;-) ) and all evidence will come to light, but if he does nothing, what is he trying to hide?
  7. With football being as fickle as it is, bigsam were to leave Bolton he'd just pop into the managers merry-go-round and in the new year emerge as manager of another Premiership club.
  8. Or earn a fortune working for Sky....He might even get the job at West Ham that will be available by Dec. Nice to see that Hammers fans were their true sporting and compasionate selves when Roeder went back.
  9. Maybe I'm the only compassionate Hammer on this subject but I had a lot of time for Glenn Roeder. He was ill with a brain tumor FFS. When we went down with a record 42 points (45 we're needed to stay up), we won more points than Arsenal over the last 11 games.

    What are you on about, a vacancy at WHU by December? :p
  10. The way your results are going D&G, I wouldnt be suprised if the man currently in charge who, if I remember correctly, was booed and hounded by his own fans, is out of work come Chrimbo
  11. 5 games in, mid table!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are not Chelski you know, bringing in the likes of Cashley 'gimme' more money, you don't love me enough' Cole and Michael 'pay me 130k a week and I'll get my self sent off but fcuk you lot anyway' Bellak. Loyalty indeed. :wink:
  12. I do think the WHU fans were wrong and just plain bang out of order for taunting him for a Brain tumor when Martin O'Neil left Celtic because his wife was ill the Celtic fans were brilliant and very understanding.

    The program did say it had evidence on 18 premiership managers past and present but really if they had hard evidence they would of shown it, I do wonder to what extent they spun a couple of dodgy deals to make sure certain managers were shown in a bad light!

    So how long before we see Big Sam on Match of the Day then?!
  13. Bungs happen. Its a nasty part of football and I don't think its that big an issue.

    If you want bungs to stop, then reduce the amount of money thats to be made in football. You don't hear of bungs, match fixing and the like in the Guinness Premiership, where there is a Salary Cap etc. Also, why should people be payed 130,000 a week for kicking a ball around. The amoutn of cash in football is utter madness.

    Does anyone else think that this years World Cup was shit, due to all the fairyness involved? For me, the "beautiful game" has lost a lot of its appeal in the last 12 months or so.