Undercover agents. Mess ball

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by D-FENS, Jun 24, 2005.

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  1. Heard a rumour about a certain joint Mess Summer ball recently. Apparently the base Police (not Army or Navy :wink: ) heard rumblings of potential trouble between the newly formed 'Joint Mess'. The rumour goes that apart from having a couple of fully uniformed Policemen (medals an' all) at the front door all night (they were 'guiding people into the function and ensuring no one illegally parked outside') there was also a few 'undercover coppers' secreted amongst the ED staff. What the hell do they think they were doing? And who ordered it?
  2. Hopefully its untrue, otherwise it seems that someone lacks both knowledge of and faith in servicemen and servicewomen who have made it into the Mess.