Under water rugby


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Nice change from octopush, I suppose.
At least you cannot be sent off for " an early bath " ... you're already in one .... courtesy of Eddie Waring .


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Mere amateurs! I've been part of the GB Olympic underwater hedgehog squatting team for many years. It made a man out of me and my wife Cyril.
Some of the pitches I played on in the Notts & Derbys leagues felt like they were underwater. Felt like I was going to drown at the bottom of a ruck once.


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Other little known sports include; underwater blow-football, indoor hang-gliding and airborne cricket!
RWC 1995.
Story told elsewhere on arrse...
I think it was the 2007 Dubai Sevens when the Emirates got their year's supply of rain over the course of the tournament. Players were hitting the deck outside the 22 and aquaplaning in for tries.

People laughed that I had a little daysack with me (it comes to all matches) with a splash top and an extra layer. Until it started proper raining...

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