Under the thumb?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Tartan_Terrier, Mar 21, 2012.

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  1. I've got a couple of new lads joining my platoon and as part of my job, I've got to make a short home visit (to see if it's suitable for secure storage, or if they've got busts of Hitler/Osama/Belzebub all over the place). Just 15 minutes, half an hour at most.

    One bloke says yeah no problem, and I'm over a day or two later, No dramas. Other bloke says "I've got to talk to the wife first", then he phones me the next day giving me a precise date and time a month away. This I think is a bit odd...

    There could be any number of reasons I suppose, but it's not due to his work or health, so I'm pretty sure it's due to his wife being of a somewhat controlling nature, and see possible non-attendance and booting ahead.

    This would of course be a massive waste of time, effort, and money, both for him and us. So what to do?

    Is being under the thumb a sure-fire recipe for a short career as a part-time soldier? Or is the wearing of M/84 (note not DPM or MTP) likely to make him grow a pair?

    Have any of you had lads in your units who were totally under the thumb? How long did they last?

    Thanks in advance for any input.

    NOTE: I am not in the TA, this post is about a similar organisation in Denmark.
  2. His Mrs is really a Mister?
  3. He's not under the thumb, he's hiding a secret.

    For a laugh, just turn up and watch him flap.
  4. I'd not let you in my house either you nosy ******.
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  5. Since when did the Army get to come round your house and check it out for security?
  6. question 1 if your not in the TA why post in a TA forum??
    question 2 what do you need to check is secure and why does it need to be secure??
  7. HHH

    HHH LE

    At a quess the Danish Home Guard and to check to see if it's secure for weapon storage.
  8. Not to mention why should he not post it here? Clearly Danish Arrse has let him and down, and I think it's a blinding idea. Weapon storage aside, it could cut down on some of the waste of space lunatics who make it onto the books.

    I've a lot of time for the crazy sexy Danes.
  9. I met a Danish nurse in Bastion. She was a picture of innocence, petite, blonde, pure, naive. She looked like an angel.

    I wanted to pick her up and rub her tits in my face. The stinking slut...
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  10. I see your Nurse and raise you a blond, slim and very well stacked (she must have had armour specially made) AFV .50 gunner all hot and sweaty after having giving it big licks somewhere outside of Price.
  11. Oh my!

    Did she cause you endless nights of silent motionless masturbation?

    I still carry the scars...
  12. sorry, i just had to attend to a bit of "personal admin" there at the memory. I still have the callouses....
  13. Bang on Mr. HHH!

    This is also a perfect opportunity to check their brew making skills, a bad cuppa and they're off to 2 platoon!

    But I digress, hen pecked hubbies in the TA; a sure fire recipe for failure or not?
  14. Interesting, it's not necessarily a bad thing then....
  15. I will raise you a well stacked Danish terp, name pronouced something like "tits" it was very apt I thought it was her nickname ...