Under Osprey Webbing

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by daniellewis0607, Aug 12, 2008.

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  1. Its sad when body armour is so cumbersome people have to find ways of wearing webbing Under it!
  2. All the links that you have posted in your four posts are items sold by the same person, wouldnt be you by any chance?

    If you want to advertise then pay and dont try and con members you c0nt :evil:
  3. A few of our guys myself including wore their webbing under Osprey. Providing your webbing fits you properly then you shouldn't have too much of a problem. The only problem had was having o wear my webbing lower than usual as it was resting on top of my pouches which sometimes made opening them difficult
  4. Was replying to someone about a roll mat on my last post that I actually bought which is how I came across this, I think you will not find that all my posts are about this seller, If you have no knowledge of what your talking about short arms try and not abuse me using numbers. I am sure if you contact your Learnig Centre they will teach you how to spell
  5. Good advice that.
  6. Will you be joining them? :roll:
  7. RUSTY You TW@t
  8. hahaha, the seller of that webbing on ebay comes across as a right tosser, just read this if you can be bothered

    "The yoke has a front "H" & back "X" design, plus horizontal straps at the chest and the upper back. The shoulder straps are padded with Dri-lex layer (sweat control fiber). The chest strap has a thin quick release snap, which facilitates quick don and doff. The overall configuration does not stretch or slip. It removes the weight of your belt from your hips, redistributes it on the shoulders, and relieves stress on lower back and eases back pain and tension. The design has proven to provide extreme comfort during long duty periods, superior security without strap slippage off the shoulders.To make the Yoke extremely low profile and comfortable, we target the shoulder straps and the suspender hardware. We use 2" wide shoulder straps which provide good support and remain low profile. For comfort, the shoulder straps are lined with a unique layer of Dri-lex (sweat control fiber). Dri-lex technology is well-known for providing comfort, moisture management, breathability, quick drying ability, and abrasion resistance in both military and sport gear. This is the same fabric used in the Kifaru backpacks. The outer surface of the shoulder straps has multiple 1" webbing loops where you can optimally position the chest and upper back strap, or use them for other gear, like web dominator buckles (for hydration tube routing). The whole Yoke is fully adjustable using 1" metal slides. We use ITW Ghillietex military 1" metal slides (IR reduction capable) which are thinner, stronger, and have a better grip than plastic slides. In addition, the X junction of the suspender can be rotated, and the angle changed to fit different body sizes and shoulder widths. The Yoke is made from lightweight, durable mil-spec nylon webbing, Ghillietex military metal slide (IR reduction capable), Mil-spec Dri-lex fibric, and Mil-spec #69 thread. All stress areas are bartacked, and reinforced. The whole suspender weights only 8.8 oz. Its washable and has a LIFETIME guarantee."

    All that to explain how a yoke works eh?

    To the original poster, the webbing looks a load of b0ll0cks. Don't get fooled into buying it because its in desert dpm and has a "under armour yoke". Sounds a load of pish. Normal webbing will be fine worn under osprey. And if you liked that webbing because it was tailored, then better heading over to jay jays or trooper, they'll make a much better job of it. And who wants webbing in desert dpm, its ok for on tour (you'll look a bit of a walt with your own desert kit though...) but unuseable back home.
  9. But rather nice that it keeps soldiers alive...
  10. The webbing is shouting - Range Master, the yoke is looking like some strange US design?

    I agree with other posters, while Desert DPM webbing looks good (gucchi / allie / warrie) its no use to you once your return from sandy places.

    If you want a custom set, either get one made for you, or look into a Molle type design, belt / yoke setup - that way you get the pouches you need, and can then put them on Osprey / Molle vests when you need to?

    Also the seller on eBay has been selling custom sets of webbing for a while - but the rear pouches were always webtex! - Maybe they have now got access to a sewing machine as well!
  11. and makes them slow enough to get shot in the first place...

    However we shouldn't go there!
  12. If you're ever in a position where your green webbing gives you away, you're far too ******* close.