Under manned?!


Everyone bangs on about how under manned the army is and the push to recruit more people and ecourage re-enlistment, the brass winge about the lack of soldiers and Op effectiveness. Why dont they sort out the process to get people in. Ive re-enlisted but still waiting (5 months nearly) to start again.
The process takes the piss I dont have to do any form of training again and am pretty much walking straight back in, be it in a different Regt, but ive had to fill out all the paper trail a new recruit would, barb test, application papers, sec vet form, civy medical and now a medical at RSC it is taking bloody ages!
I thought it would be a quick check of details a medical and heres your boots, back through the gate but...
-Barb test again WTF!!
-The army already has my details, as am i not classed as a reservist?
-Medical with civvy doc who hasnt seen me since I was 12 and the army still has my med docs,
-Vet form i can understand, better check I havnt joined Bin Ladens mob (yes I cant spell Al Q.. whatever)
-Medical at RSC when i live in a garrison town 2 mins from the med center!
-All this and they arnt even going to check my fitness! FFS!
You can bet theyll fcuk up and pay me recruit wages for my first month aswell.....stand by little green hatted guy im coming for you!
If they had pulled their finger out I would be on tour now, lessening the load for everyone else!
MUPPETS glad to see the Army has still got its admin up its hoop!
Rant off.
Did you go from Corps to Infantry or Infantry to Corps? Or are you just doing a straight swap???
Yeah you're right this aint good enough is it??
In defence the process does take longer than 5 mins but 5 months seems a bit excessive to me......not sure how long you've been out but I can tell you that if you thought admin was bad when you left the first time then just wait till you're in again!! lol
Im obviously unaware of your exact circumstances but im asuming your not going to do phase 1 again!!! Are they possibly waiting for the next intake for the C.I.C at Catterick? I believe the next dates are the 21st May and the 30 July 2006. Just keep harrassing the army careers office until they crack!!


Im not sure, Ive been told im only going to Catterick for a week, to collect my kit and do some sort of refresher. So I wouldnt think that would mean Id have to wait for a new intake?

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