Under Labour, our lions are being paid peanuts.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by michaelbutlin, Sep 2, 2009.

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  1. From Nick Clegg

    Today I am launching new a Liberal Democrat pledge to put service personnel and their welfare at the heart of our defence policy.

    Many soldiers fighting on the front line are on salaries lower than those of trainee police and fire fighters. 13,000 members of the armed forces take home less than £17,000 each year. Under Labour, our lions are being paid peanuts.

    Our servicemen are being sent to fight in treacherous conditions in Afghanistan while living close to the poverty line. It is time to stop short-changing our troops.

    That is why if elected, the Liberal Democrats would ensure that no service personnel receive less basic pay than someone starting out in the Police or fire brigade.

    If you believe our troops should receive better pay, then help us spread the word. Please make sure all your friends know about our new policy, especially those with family members serving in the Armed Forces.

    To back the campaign and help spread the word, see my website: NickClegg.com/ArmedForcesPay

    Nobody can put a price on the sacrifices our troops make on our behalf - but we can start rewarding them properly.

    Best regards,
    (Signed on Original)
    Nick Clegg
  2. If you're going to join the board to further your party's interest at least have the courtesy to read the two other threads created on the subject and post there rather than create just another mindless spam post.
  3. Oh OK you and Sven/Whet have convinced me - I'll vote Lib Dem at the next election. :roll: :roll:
  4. To be honest I think my pay is pretty good. On the whole a 6 month tour will also bag you an extra £3000 or more. If service personnel joined up to earn mega bucks then they should have looked elsewhere.
  5. I note that Clegg also forgot to mention that squaddies earn significantly less than MP's, even without their second home allowance, expenses without receipts and all the other perks.

    Bad move to use public services to show how badly paid Service Personnel are, Obv Lib Dems will set about public services cuts to even things up a bit?


    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    You should PM this letter to Ashie. After the hammering he's received here over the past year, he's definitely wavering. He may be in the mood to change his certainties.

    P.S. You might want to check up on Sven/Whet. For one of your lot, he's very soft on Cyclops and his team (see posts passim).
  7. Easy words to write when you're not in power and have no viable chance of being so. Now, where's the next band wagon....must find a way of buying myself a ticket.
  8. Still won't get him elected though will it?
  9. I'm happier with my pay than my accommodation
  10. What a load of old balooks! Where are the Lib Dems going to get the money to fund this marvelous scheme? What are they going to do? Save a few less whales? Knit less yoghurt? Although it would be nice to have a few more quid for the sprogs, what about the rest of us? Are they going to bring everyone else into parity too? If thats the case a few at the upper end of the pay scale might have to have a pay cut! Now that wouldn't do, would it?

  11. All well and good if genuine, however does Mr Clegg plan on also supplying the necessary kit in sufficient quantity to actually do the job? No one would complain about being paid more but that's not much use if you're not around to spend it.

    What are his thoughts on the coming SDR I wonder? He's always struck me as a naive poof when it comes to FP.
  12. Quite agree!
  13. the money will be there, as there will be:

    no wars to fight, if no wars then a smaller army needed - savings all round!
  14. Now then Cleggie. If I came to power, I would DOUBLE their pay. But like you lot, I have as much chance of that as a one legged man winning an Arsse kicking contest, if you get my drift.

    Anyway, I don't really imagine that our Armed Forces want to belong to Brussels, which they would if you had your way.
  15. £17K seems a fair wage for a 'trainee' or young lad?

    Perhaps, after years of squeezing the system the police and fire 'trainee's are paid too much?

    Ducks for cover.