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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by longlivethequeen, Dec 31, 2009.

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  1. Right chaps dnt no if this is the right place to post this but here goes.
    Whilst having a fag in the back garden (her in doors hates them) some twat lets rip with an air rifle just missing this old git, after mutch swearing and hunting around one could not the prick that was firing.

    Should one call the old bill?

    Stag on through the night and hope they try it again?

    Let it drop and hope it does not happen again?

    The frau informs me its happen on and off through the day, thick cow could have told me.

    If staging on shouuld I take my own air rifle out and or the trusty base ball bat.

    The little shit was caught on last night by my number two sprog and his mates I now own a new ish air rifle sprog no two will not say what has happend to little shit and im not asking.
  2. Get OA to note where the shots came from, and then phone the Police telling them that you / she has just been shot at. The Firearms unit should scare the pooh out of the runt.
  3. Good plan ill send her out back now ill set up an op in the back bed room just what you need on new years eve.
  4. Set up a dressmakers' dummy in a darkened part of your yard. Dress it in your old clothes. With appropriate use of bellows and tubing you can arrange for it to take regular drags of a cigarette.

    When the scrote gives in to temptation - as they undoubtedly will, no self-discipline this sort - you will, of course, be lying in wait with your illegally-held and untraceable Dragunov.
  5. Establish OP with air rifle
    Give wife a soldier's five on 'crack and thump' and 'why things are seen'
    Send the dumb scrubber out to draw fir...er, 'to have a look'
    Return fire as required, follow through with fixed bayonet, nail severed ears to lintel thus discouraging the others.

    Hours of fun for both of you there!

    Seriously, I would call the filth. They probably can't do much, but it could be a real firearm next time. Happy New Year.
  6. You asked the question on New Years Eve, dumbfuck.
  7. To assist Plod, create a 180 degree spotting card, centered on your house.

    Maximum effective power of a standard issue air-rifle is 12ft. Lbs. This should give the rifle an effective range of around 40 yards (1" grouping)(small game).

    If you're lucky, and the scroat has something a little more tasty, say in the 20ft. Lbs.+ range, then effective range is about 80 yards+. This would require an FAC - either way, said scroat is in deep sh1t.

    Bracket for both eventualities.

    Mark out using best-guess (or cheap laser range finder) all likely observation points giving line-of-sight access to your home, in increments of 20 yards; 20, 40, 60, 80, 100 etc. (likely prone, standing, elevated positions).

    If you can, recover one of the offending pellets, and where in relation to your spotting card it was found. Examine the pellet closely to see how deformed/or not it is. This should give some indication as to how far out your likely shooter is.

    Draw straight lines from the point at which you found the pellet and cross-reference to each obs point on your spotting card etc etc.

    This should allow you to begin to plot a list of likely spots your shooter is operating from - also start to make notes of changing artifacts/patterns around your marked spot-points; curtains, lights, cars, dogs barking, sudden bird flight etc.

    Build a timing diary and keep a log of known/future incidents to see if you can establish if the shooter has an operational pattern.

    If pattern can be established, infil as close as you can to any one of the likely shoot-points. Get the wife to parade around, then listen and wait.


    With luck you can a) have some fun and b) catch the scroat red-handed and then either hand the whole bundle over to plod - or preferably put up a posting here and request some 'counter sniping' assitance.

    Can hardly see the shooter complaining to plod he's been shot (at).....
  8. Referring to another thread, tell the Bill you are a serving/ex-serviceman. With the AQ threat they should take it seriously.
  9. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    'kin hell mate, you class that as fun? You need to get out more, seriously. 8O
  10. He just had to have been a Rupert ! :p
  11. Fair point....

    However, although some might think this a little over-kill, the Steyr AMR / IWS 2000 will penetrate 40mm of RHA at 1km - so even if said scroat is hiding behind, say, two or three semi-detached houses, you should still be able to "wing" him with a round or two....

    Something for the weekend...

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  12. A good reason to stop smoking?
  13. You've been watching CSI haven't you?
  14. Bugger... you busted me...