Under employed SNCOs

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar, Oct 7, 2008.

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  1. Noticed a couple of units have the full complement of SNCO's but are a bit thin @ lower levels. So not all of them are going to be fully employed during training.

    Like on camp I was busy, instructing the first week and working in an Ops cell on the 2nd but a number of other soldiers of similar rank were doing jobs other ranks jobs. The previous camp this was reversed and I was acting as cannon fodder.
    I'm not complaining about this, as regt need to deliver differing training to JNCO's and OR's, both for retention and improving/maintaining skills. I don't disagree with this.

    But for for SNCO's at times this is bad for retention and doesn't improve/maintain skills. On the skills side I'm not even sure its a regiments job, in my employment group their are only several of us within the regiment. To focus some regt training on us would be a waste of resources but at Bde/Div/Corps level it isn't.

    I may have posted this before but if the courses at regional Bde are deemed a success then a corollary of that would be to say theatre troop Bde courses would also be a success. I can instruct toms on my 'theatre troop' courses but some of my colleagues are getting left behind. What is the point of them acting as a tom on a FIBUA weekend when they could be on another weekend being updated or advanced in other subjects.

    The TA should not be aiming at entry level skills (argh MATTS), a SNCO's education should continue after Senior CLM and if 'th trp' Bde's want to put the onus onto us to keep ourselves updated then give us the resources (e.g. pams, uptodate websites, courses, etc)

    p.s. Have I spelt corollary correct, I haven't used that since early 90's
  2. msr

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    Entry level skills are what the army wants.

    Right, Have just come back from a run and was thinking: Is your post a(nother) generic whinge or are you looking for solutions?

    Solution 1: Get a few old PCs, bung Windows XP on some and Server 2003 and get your guys Microsoft / A+ /Network+ / Security+ Certified. The books are cheap enough and the licenses you can get from Chris Church, Commercial Director of DE&S' Information Systems and Services.

    Solution 2: MK1 and MK2, get your guys trained on these then offer training days to the Offrs in your Bde at the weekends. This kills 3 birds with one stone: retention and useful knowledge for your blokes, Officers get trained, Bde Comd delighted. Cost: Nothing

  4. My biggest bugbear with my lot, having briefly visted the Sargeants mess, is the ludricous number of senior SNCo's floating around....at best I think maybe 2/3 have real jobs. It's frankly silly when you go on camp with a company and there's 6 or 7 WO's floating around
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  7. Thanks for the IT advice but I think I've sorted that via DII (a number of freebies on there).

    Guess what I'm trying to say is SNCO education compared to OR&JNCO and Officer is very different. The main SNCO courses are SCLM/WOCLM, Drill course and RQMS (and MATTS instructors). My corps is constantly evolving and the skills it needs are changing frequently. I'm not really being updated via my TA post but my civvie job ensures I'm a step in front of regulars.

    Or put another way, our past IT threads were about RSigs but now I've extended that to a number of other corps (because of civvie job). SNCO's in those corps don't really agree with my viewpoints (as they still use paper and believe its still valid).

    Argh, you've made me post a 'Army Digitisation' post, when all I really wanted to say - Is don't forget to train/update SNCO's in modern practises and we have too many (in the current climate)