Under car bomb ni- upping the anti

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Thomothehun, Aug 4, 2010.

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  1. BBC News - Booby trap bomb found under soldier's car in Bangor

    Looks like THEY are back and upping the Anti. How complacent have we got with our own pers security since the bad old days of checking under your car, varrying your route etc!

    With FB etc how easy will it be for them to start targeting soldiers on the Main Land, if they have the capability?

  2. Lets be honest here.

    We have people who are proud to have served. I have seen many times ex RUC and Army who have there facebook public. All you have to do is go into groups and find "Proud to have served" Or even go into their pictures you will find them in Regimental blazers of else pictures of them on patrol here.

    People need to wake up and smell the coffee that this is real but they may not be as good as the PIRA but they can do damage.
  3. I am not on Facespace or Mybook, nor have I any interest in doing so. If any nasty Paddy the local continuity Provo wanted to track me down for a bucket of low level yield sunshine, I am pretty sure that they could do it without that stuff. I also agree with Romeo, things have changed. The scumbags over in the Province who weren't happy with this ceasefire are going to increase their activities.
    Eventually they will get lucky.

  4. Well we cant win, to get down and check under your car in public is just screaming out that youre anything but joe civvy,
  5. If I were still in green scaley skin for my day job, and had a car, I would rather look like a plonker as I had a shufti under my motor, rather than wearing a wooden overcoat in some poxy church because I hadn't done it and a bomb went boom under my arrse.

  6. This must be wrong, nothing more than a misunderstanding, a top gear or how things work stunt maybe? We are all mates now all weapons have been put beyond use. It must be true Tony said so, just before they let all the freedom fighters out.
  7. When do we get our under-vehicle inspection mirrors withattached torch issued like we used to with every SFA?
  8. It's not so much looking like a plonker as immediately identifying yourself as a member of the security forces. Contrary to popular belief we of the Emerald Toilet are not (all) thick micks. If someone is seen having a look under the car they are pinged straight away a military/cops.

    Your point is a valid one though, and you have to weigh up the pros and cons of checking all the time and ID-ing yourself vs not checking and hoping annonimity (sp?) protects you.
  9. Spot on. Theres only so many times you can "drop your keys" or be "tying your laces" next to your motor in the morning before giving the game away.
  10. Well, as I have said, better looking like a plonker and alive, than not looking like a plonker and wearing a wooden overcoat. I would go on to say that I would make a big production number of checking under my car with mirror and maglite and stuff. I am aware other folks here are of a differing opinion so that is all I have to say at this time.

  11. I'm surprised how quickly the lessons learnt about Persec have been lost. The main one being that in NI if you think that just your anonymity will protect you, tell you mates to have their No2s at the ready.

    Why did we check our cars, even in public places? Because it shows that you have adopted Persec drills and they can't target you with a UVIED. You show that you are not such a soft target and they will look for someone else.

    Someone who doesn't check their car.

    If you think that they can't pick you out of a crowd of civvies at 1000 yards then you're a fool.
  12. I am a civvy apart from Tuesday nights and some weekends. If Im pinged checking under my car by my neighbours I cease to be a civvy and become that bloke at no 32 who checks under his car every morning, which (even in the relatively safe and generally pro forces area I live) would go a long way towards identifying me as a possible target because people talk and when people talk other people overhear.

    For those who are lamenting the slackening of persec drills, personnel who it directly affects (ie those in NI) are subject to regular int briefs and are only too aware of the DR threat level. Current advice is for all forces personnel to check under vehicles but as has already been mentioned the individual will always decide which is the lesser of two evils at the end of the day.

    Ive no intention of getting into a slanging match and Im entirely aware that the consequences of not checking are potentialy fatal, Im merely pointing out that sometimes theory and reality clash and a decision has to be made.
  13. Sundance, what you have to ask yourself is:

    I’m I in a job that means I am likely to be targeted? If the answer is yes then the idea of not checking your car is ludicrous. Especially when you are not making the decision for yourself but your family.

    The one thing the IRA never did was spontaneous attacks. They would target the target, (OK bad England) gather intelligence, plan then act. Granted sometimes the planning wasn’t brilliant (thankfully) but the easiest and quickest attack with minimal risk to the terrorist is the UVIED.

    The number of these attacks easily outnumbered other attacks on personnel and were very successful mainly down to complacency and the illusion of “nobody knows who I am”.
  14. Having lived here for the entirety of my 29 years on the planet Im anything but complacent, particularly given the location of the DR's most recent escapade which was clearly intended as a message that there are no safe areas. Its no secret that theyre happy to have a pop at anyone in uniform at any time.

    Re-reading my last post I may have implied that I dont check. For the record I do, the point I was trying (and seemingly failed) to make is that not everyone will because its bloody difficult to do so without being ID'd as a member of security forces. And once youre pinged the current crop of dissidents will be just as happy to burn your house down with you inside or take a shot at you coming out the front door as to plant a UVIED.
  15. Some common sense has to be applied. Checking your car during regular trips or prior to going to work etc makes complete sense. It's routine that gets you killed after all.