Under Armour Riding Up

No, not the bottom half..... I have a couple of UA shirts and all have the same problem.........They all ride up. Can this be solved by simply buying a size up or will I have to continue looking like a paedo with my shirt tucked into baggy shorts.
Tuck 'em in... that is how they are supposed to be worn.
Try Canterbury, it,s a better product and i have had no trouble with it riding up. I wear it all the time during the winter as a Golf Pro.
Vaughany said:
I should have been clearer, I mean the compression kind, not UBACS.
I know which sort you meant.

Tuck 'em in. the waist band knicker elastic holds it down.
fucking hell! Do you need help wiping your arse as well?
Leave it as is, gives the medics quicker access and may distract them from your wallet.

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