Under Armour Riding Up

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Vaughany, Jul 14, 2009.

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  1. No, not the bottom half..... I have a couple of UA shirts and all have the same problem.........They all ride up. Can this be solved by simply buying a size up or will I have to continue looking like a paedo with my shirt tucked into baggy shorts.
  2. Tuck 'em in... that is how they are supposed to be worn.
  3. I should have been clearer, I mean the compression kind, not UBACS.
  4. Try Canterbury, it,s a better product and i have had no trouble with it riding up. I wear it all the time during the winter as a Golf Pro.
  5. I know which sort you meant.

    Tuck 'em in. the waist band knicker elastic holds it down.
  6. fucking hell! Do you need help wiping your arse as well?
  7. I rub superglue all over my upper body just before putting mine on. Works a treat!
  8. Leave it as is, gives the medics quicker access and may distract them from your wallet.
  9. Lycra tops can be cut a bit short leading to them riding up. You should probably find one that fits you better or just tuck it in.
  10. Yes please, theres a dangle berry that's been bugging me all morning :D
  11. If you can't even get your underwear sorted, perhaps the Armed Forces won't be for you when you are old enough.