under armour in the stan

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by super_stab69, Oct 18, 2007.

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  1. The USMC has banned marines wearing under armour as it sticks to you when it burns. Is this the case with all isaf and its now a no go area for everyone?

    If not is it worth taking with me on Herrick? (im infantry and will be on force protection in kabul)
  2. Can't see why US Army policy will have an effect on you. On the other hand I'd not want to wear something that's going to melt all over me at the first sniff fire. Isn't htere a special underlayer for the armour now?
  3. Its called a Tshirt. A free, issued, no cost to yourself issued Tshirt!
  4. take what your issued its been specially designed for the purpose and amazingly actually works as it should do

    mind you it would be quite difficult to mess up the design of a t shirt :p
  5. Well i have one that i use here on long tabs as it stops my burgan rubbing. Going to use it on cambrian next week aswell,
  6. some of my guys are going same place possibly same time.

    you'll be issued all the newest kit you need at chillwell. i never found any need for guchi kit. just plenty of the issued was enough and after 3 tours i have plenty :roll:
  7. depending on material you either get the tan or broon top to wear in theater.
    As good as under armour is, I still have a healthy respect for the public order training where your uniform burns away when petrol bombed.

    How many blokes would wear the new issued long johns, top and flash mask on ops????
  8. I wouldn't worry about the under armor sticking when it catches fire, as the our issued mesh-type t-shirts turns to liquid when is on fire (burning hot liquid i might add)
    one of the lads chucked one in a burn barrel in stan and it melted down the side of the barrel
  9. I stand by to be corrected but...

    If there is a risk of your clothing catching fire and its not fireproofed, you will want to be wearing natural fibres like cotton as they char as opposed to man made fibres that have a tendency to melt.
  10. I have a strict policy of never catching fire. :D

    But yes the issued coolmax T-shirts will melt if exposed to flame. Dont know if they are flashproof. Your 95 shirt wont and is, which is why our SOPs were to wear shirts sleeves down on patrol.
  11. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    Top Tip.

    Simply carry a bucket of water with you on patrol and should you or an oppo catch fire - hey presto - instant fire reduction.

    Or nick a Fire extinguisher off a Lannie..
  12. have yet to see the red bottle as used in public order in theater, are G4 afraid we might skoosh them on locals trying to kill them by white powder?
  13. Small arms Fire followed up by a whopping big explosion as the IED goes off. Shrapnel goes flying everywhere and you start losing limbs. I'm sorry but I expect to melt in that environment!
  14. I think you will find that the advice is a bucket of sand...

    ... apparently there is a ready supply of it.
  15. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator