Under Armour Heatgear

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by chocolate_frog, May 30, 2009.

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  1. Anyone used these undercrackers? Are they any good for cutting about in the warm climates or just on PT?
  2. Yup, am using at moment. The t-shirts are a bit "only gay in the village" but work well and the boxers are much better than the issue ones. They have a fly for a start!

    Not flashproof though (although there is a much more expensive version.) Wait until you are near a PX to buy them though, much cheaper that way.

    As far as temperature goes - it's about 46C here at what, in a civilised country, would be time for a preprandial G&T.
  3. Agreed, get it from a PX. I think the NAAFI are charging double the price in theatre - a complete rip off. The PX also do a 'no frills' version of Under Armour. I cannot remember what label it sells under, but they do a full range and it's quite a lot cheaper.
  4. What's the crack with the anti-flash stuff... not heard of that before.
  5. Dunno about the anti-flash, but dropped a mint on a bunch of shirts and boxers for work. Best money I've ever spent on clothing. No more chaffing, no more tacky sack, no more sweating my balls off in the middle of july. I tried picking up a knock-off version t-shirt to try, and although the material seems to be the similar, the seems are horrible and in all the wrong places.
  6. Wicking shirts are normally made out of hollow fibre material - most of which are some form of thermo-plastic - if you are in a vehicle fire then they might melt on to you, causing much pain and grief, even though your outer garments are unaffected. Or, at least, that's the theory. The normal Under Armour Heatgear are made out of that sort of stuff.

    However, as squaddies (us and the Yanks) like wearing the products 'cause they are very effective at the job, you now have these (at roughly 3 times the price :( edited to add: 'cause they're made out of Nomex.). I haven't been out to replace mine yet but then I am, self confessed, an ageing podgy REMF.
  7. Sorry for replying to my own post but here is the warning from the normal "Heatgear Tactical" (i.e. in mil colours and styles) range:

    I must admit that I love the concept of replacing your Osprey with a thin t-shirt (which is what I can only assume they mean by "as a substitute for ... ballistic protective equipment".) I can't think of many daft enough to believe that would work - unless they changed the name to "Instead-of Armour"! :twisted:
  8. yeah, if the sodding px has yuh size!
    in KAF for a few months, wanted a couple of under armour boxers for use on ex back here in blighty (for quick drying properties) .............. only sizes the px seemed to have in were small and xxl!
    what is the typical size in the us military then?!!!!! ffs :?
  9. Medium to XL? at a guess.