Undeleting files

I would like to recover two small files, which I put into the recycle bin then emptied. They are Word documents. I do not want to pay a wad for some software which I shall only use once. If anyone knows how to recover them I would be grateful.
think I tried that one found about 2000 files all just numbers, would not restore until you pay, and then you are not sure if the file you want is there.
yep Dec, nothing much has changed since then. Two one page documents. Not really that important. Know they must be here somewhere in a hidden folder
I installed it on my external drive - works great found about 8000 files :)

Cannot be arrsed to look through that many as they have numbers not names. Not that important. Sent a two page letter in the post then after a few days deleted the document from the comp. Intended never recieved it, postman probably emptied his sack - the carrying kind into a bush.

Thanks all anyway

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