Uncovering Terrorist Plots in Great Britain

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jumpinjarhead, Oct 27, 2009.

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  1. From a conservative think tank in the US:

  2. Its going to make for interesting times in the UK...a combination of outrageously bad decisions in relation to British citizenship rules,border and passport controls and Visa's,uncontrolled immigration and illegal/asylum seekers......effectively means we have legions living inside Britain who either hold no loyalty to the UK at best and are downright hostile to us at worse.

    Pakistan being one nation of particular concern,and the nation also mentioned as a security threat in relation to Pakistanis holding British passports.....which could end up with British citizens having to apply for Visa's to visit America,or refused entry.

    By the way Jarhead,did the report reach the stateside news of the secret immigration pact that has been revealed that Blair/Brown and the current government cooked up.

    Sworn to secrecy,Labour allowed uncontrolled immigartion for the past 12 years to social engineer Britain in their vision of a multi-cultural society....just got revealed by a government whistleblower.
  3. It makes me bloody angry and not just because its a disgracefull thing to do. In fact it's a direct attack on my lifes work of trying to introduce Brit genes into every country I visit. Behind my back the government has negated, nay, devalued all my work. I must try harder to overcome their dirty plot. It's a hard job but someone must do it.
  4. The thing is, the Pakistan/Morocco link is also their Achilles Heel. The easiest way to identify a BOG is when they stick their head above the parapet and reach out to the organizations overseas for assistance. Until they do that, they're pretty much undetectable unless someone in the group gets picked up for something stupid (like the JIS cell discovered in Torrance, CA when a cop took a look through a cellphone left behind during a gas station robbery) or a member of the group gets cold feet and turns.

    Personally, I think this report is just a way to play to Heritage's bias against the EU and reflects their paranoia regarding Europe "soft balancing" against the United States. Just by way of example, they ignore the manner in which the French, Spanish and Italians have AQIM on lock-down.
  5. The largest terrorist threat to this country would it seems be the Labour Party then, so lets start shooting them, why waste time with Terry Tally when we should be sloting Blair and Brown ect
  6. Works for me.

    On the other hand, these tales of terrorist threas are just warming up for the coming general election.
    If the poll's look bad for Gordon on election week we should expect a huge terorist attrocity to allow Uncle Gordon to postpone the election while he sorts it out......
    Either that or we will have a major terrorist attack which helps Gordon look like a hero!

    Tin foil? No thanks, I have plenty of my own in industrial strength :D
  7. Can we have an election while under Martial Law?