Unconfirmed report of death of British hostage in Iraq

BBC Webpage link: British hostage death unconfirmed

BBC reports from a video handed to The Sunday Times - video link.

One of the five British hostages held captive by militants in Iraq has killed himself, a video obtained by the Sunday Times has claimed.

The tape, purporting to come from the group holding the men, alleges that a man known as Jason died on 25 May 2008.

British officials say they are not able to corroborate the claim.
and from the same article:

A statement, claiming to come from the captors, accuses the British Government of failing to respond to their messages.

"This procrastination and foot-dragging and lack of seriousness on the part of the British government has prolonged their psychological deterioration, pushing one of them, Jason, to commit suicide on 25/5/2008," the statement ran.

"He surprised our brethren, who were taking care of him, with his suicide."

The video also shows another British hostage, Alan, who appeals to the British Government to meet his captors' demands for the release of prisoners.

"Physically, I'm not doing well," he says.

"Psychologically, I'm doing a lot worse."
Not good.
A very sad event, and given the time taken to resolve this not overly suprising.

The reliance on the FCO to sort this out may be necessary because the contractor didn't take out any Kidnap and Ransom insurance for its personnel, or at least, that is what is alleged in an ongoing civil suit

clicky clicky

so no insurance money to pay for info, bribes rewards etc etc, could Garda world use the salary they are still billing for?

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