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Unclean! Arrsers with the virus

It's a bloody nightmare finding things that fit. Most people walk into a shoe store and ask for a particular style. I walk in and ask for anything in my size. Usually nothing available, although I bought the last three pairs of Rocky sandals in size 14 from the warehouse when they discontinued sizes above 12.

Also got a pair of custom made elephant hide Chelsea boots. Folks will tell me they're hideous, but they fit.

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They need to be thrown on a fire mate.
Got back from my doctor today after my blood test last week. I'm anaemic! Still cannot taste much and no smell at all. It has been more than a couple of months. I imagine the anaemia goes with not wanting to eat. I have lost a lot of weight which me being whip thin normally I cannot afford to do. Did test negative though.

Spinach. It'll clean out your plumbing as well.

Good Saffer recipe is to fry some chopped onion, chuck in the spinach on top of it, diced potato, chopped tomato, salt and pepper, lid on and let it stew till the potato is soft. Use as little water as you can get away with to ensure the potato cooks through. The tomato will provide some liquid and don't be shy with the white pepper.
I’d say I’m deffo carrying the legacy of it

I know I am. For the first month or so afterwards I thought I had shrugged it off, wrong. I am knackered all the time. I can go a good few miles in clam weather but by Christ does it catch up with me the next day.

The thing that really wipes me out is the wind. I like bass fishing and on chesil that means big seas and a headwind most of the time. I have always loved being out in the sort of weather that keeps most people home anyway. Not any more, last time out in 35mph wind it left me like a zombie for 9 days and just wiped my whole system out.
Yer, but you folks don't get direct sunlight like we do.

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