Uncle Sam ---- Last night on ITV4

Anyone see that feature length doc on USMC recruiters last night ? It was on ITV4 so nit regular viewing for most but entertaining none the less.

Basically it recalled a month (I think) in the life of a USMC recruiting team in 2004 (might of been 2003, film released 04) and the lengths they went to in order to "Make Mission" mission being the target of Contracts signed. Although with all docs the truth lies somewhere between the cuts and I am sure it wasn't as bad as the film showed but it was still a strange mix of admiration (in the time put in and dedication the recruiters had with their candidates, recieving letters from boot and the pride theyhad when one gets through) and horror (one guys on the phone said "Heres you opputunity to work with guns" and asked everyone how old they were)

What scared me most however was the Salesman attitude they they had, or should I say forced upon them, hitting targets, making mission, drawinf statistics on interview to signed contract etc.

I also noticed thet the recruits seemed to be doing all their training in Desert fatigues, thats a bit scary isn't it ?
I watched a bit until switching over to see a nice lady PTI training with the Navy Gun Run Team! Way to go Navy!

It was interesting to see the dedication that some of the young lads showed in wanting to be a Marine; and the neighbourhoods they came from did not seem to be all slums and gang warfare as so often portrayed on TV. Overall, what I saw was interesting .

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