Uncle rape and kills own neice sentenced today

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by semper, Jul 2, 2007.

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  1. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/west_yorkshire/6260492.stm

    just read this story, It really gripped my sh1t that somebody like him would do something like that to his own flesh and blood.

    It hit me particularly hard as I have just been taking my 7 month old neice out for a walk in the pram with my mum and spent all Sunday with her and enjoyed every minute of my time with her, she is a joy to be with, Casey Mullen even looked like my neice, :cry:

    there is no way I would ever consider anything like this, I really do feel for the parents and hope he will spend all his last days being dry bummed in prison everyday and given AIDs and getting beaten up so often that he will beg to die. :evil:
  2. With two young niece's myself, I know how you feel. I read that and felt angry and sickened. This turd need's subjecting to daily harm from the nutter's on the block. With being dry anally raped with a scaffold bar, thrown in for good measure.

    Hope he die's a miserable and lonely death.

    F ucking Scum.
  3. Is one of the Mods taking the piss?
  4. for a change it wasn't me
  5. They must be praetorian , one of my post objecting to the relocation from Curerent Affairs to NAAFI has been deleted
  6. I for one hope he is made to regret his actions every single day of the 35 years he has to serve, cons dont take kindly to kiddy fiddlers. I would like to think he is going to pray that they still had the death sentence, but sadly i suspect he will be in solitary with his own tv, dvd and internet access.
  7. what a bastard pig
  8. I am supposed to be a squaddie who can handle all kinds of difficult situations but when I heard about this case earlier I was nearly sick. This is the type of person who needs the death penalty or severe pain for the rest of his life. There should be a minimum of castration and branding on his forehead so that he can never be able to get in that situation again. Complete scum. R.I.P poor little girl.

    Why is this been moved in the NAAFI, this post is now going to be disgraced and dishonoured. :cry: :cry:
  9. I have two children one of 7 and one of 3. I feel so much for the parents in this case. It's easy to say but If that was my kids I would happily kill that fucker. I'd even wait the 35 years to do it. Peope like that shouldn't be allowed to be on this earth
  10. Well I did move this thread from Current Affairs to the Naafi , as it's the sort of subject people will want to use lots of Purple English to express their anger properly.

    I haven't deleted a complaint as far as I remember, but I've a totally fcuking banging headache.
  11. Unfortunately P_T_P some (not all)of the people who come in the NAAFI will now turn this thread into have a laugh at child molesting thread just like the fcukwits did on the last child abuse thread. I am extremely dissapointed that this is in the NAAFI now ( not that my views are anything to go on)
  12. Nothing is too evil or painful for these people. They sicken me.
  13. sometimes PTP these things do need to be brought to the top page, however colourful the language is, such a person must be exposed to maximum publicity so more will know about him and pass on the information to the prison population concerned, he must not be allowed to hide in prison annoymously, if it is in the NAAFI , people will assume it is full of rubbish and insulting threads and not look in it.

    therin lies my objection to the move.
  14. Very public spirited of you Semper. It will happen just as well in here.

    Normally I just delete child abuse threads, and tell the original poster why, as absolutely nothing positive ever comes out of them.
  15. I'm laid back, but this makes my blood boil (the crime, not the thread), I hope he suffers :x