Uncle Jack

I was thinking about a relative of mine who died in WW1, dont know why but felt a urge to write a few words on him and it sort of became a poem, thought I would share it with arrse (prepares for incoming ridicule!):

Uncle Jack

I never knew you, Great Uncle Jack; you went off to war,
But didn’t come back.
It was nearly Christmas, in nineteen seventeen,
Of home and family, you and your friends must have dreamed.

In the night you gave your life, making the ultimate sacrifice.
Sunk by a U-boat, in the North sea,
Your eternal resting place, this was to be.

I will think of you this Sunday, and all that you gave,
Along with all the others, from the Crimea to Today,
I will raise a glass, and toast to you all:
“Thank you my heroes, your memories live on”

Uncle Jack

Destroyer HMS Torrent 22nd-23rd December 1917 Torpedoed by a German submarine off the Maas Lightship.
No ridicule due. Good work fella.

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