Uncle Charlie Comes Home

I have just bought a book called "Uncle Charlie Comes Home - Westerham and the Great War 1914-1918" by an ex matelot David Bateman.

It is about the search to find out about his uncle who died serving with the Royal West Kents in 1918. During his research he came across so much information about the other names on the town's war memorial that he wrote about all 50 of them. It's superbly written and it gives us a slice of suburban life and how the War affected them at that momentous time. It lists all those who gave their lives, awards and has dozens of photos. An interesting side-note is that Westerham is the birthplace of Wolfe of Quebec. I would fully recommend it to all ARRSE members.

It is published by the Book Guild and can be found on amazon or www.bookguild.co.uk

p.s. I don't know the author - it's just a bloody good book!

Thanks for the tip, I'm from Kent myself and always look out for anything to do with the local Regt. There is a 'Royal West Kent Avenue' in Tonbridge, named after the Regt.

Wolfe's home in Westerham is or was open to the public (National Trust I think). Winston Churchill's home at Chartwell is also a short drive away and is also National Trust, there is also a statue of hime in the middle of Westerham.
It looks like the book is doing really well - its nearly sold out on Amazon
Just finished reading this book - brilliant! Never read a book like this before and found the story of just one village and the Great War very moving
Just read it and have to say its far better than I thought - a fantastic srory. Very well researched and very interesting. A very good read. Thanks to Arrse for pointing this one out!

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