UNCLAS - Army Briefing Note - FIS


1. Her Majesty The Queen has given final approval for new titles for a number of Infantry regiments as a result of the transition to Future Infantry Structures.


• This is part of the ongoing Future Army Structures work.

• The majority of the new names and titles were announced by the Secretary of State on 16 December 2004.

• There are no changes to the names of Regiments of Foot Guards, The Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment, The Royal Irish Regiment, The Parachute Regiment, The Royal Gurkha Rifles and The London Regiment.

• TA names and structures have been aligned with those of regular regiments.

• Changes will take place at different times for each regiment rather than all at once, and will be complete by April 08.

• The structures and names of the Regiments are as follows: I would add, but the table formats horribly when copying the document. Can anyone help?


2. CGS announced the creation of the Future Army Structure to re-balance the Army towards a mix of light, medium and heavy forces, with an expeditionary focus, supported by a fully integrated reserve. Within the Infantry this has seen the creation of single cap badge regiments of 2 or more battalions, as part of the Future Infantry Structure.


3. The Secretary of State announced new working titles for the new regiments in his statement on 16 December 2004 which was followed by a period of consultation amongst the regiments and their wider regimental constituencies. During consultation two changes were proposed by regiments and agreed by ECAB:

a. The new regiment formed from The King’s Own Royal Border Regiment, The King’s Regiment and The Queen’s Lancashire Regiment is to be titled The Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment (King’s, Lancashire and Border).

b. The Light Division, comprising The Devonshire and Dorset Light Infantry; The Light Infantry; The Royal Gloucestershire, Berkshire and Wiltshire Light Infantry and The Royal Green Jackets have agreed upon the creation of a wholly new, large regiment to be titled The Rifles. The Regiment will comprise five regular and two TA battalions, as well as other associated TA and Cadet elements.

4. On the 16 November 2005 Her Majesty The Queen graciously approved the new titles shown above.


5. In parallel with the developments within the Regular Army, there have been associated changes within the TA, which are shown in the table above. Of particular note: The 4th Battalion The Duke of Lancaster's Regiment (King's, Lancashire and Border) and the 4th Battalion The Mercian Regiment will be formed from companies drawn from The Lancastrian and Cumbrian Volunteers, The West Midlands Regiment, The King's and Cheshire Regiment and The East of England Regiment.


6. Details of proposed mergers and formation dates, which are included in the table above, are also available on the individual regimental web sites and will be updated as plans are developed.


7. All battalions within the new regiments will have the same base uniform, with only minor variations such as lanyards and hackles to preserve the essential elements of the ‘golden thread’ from antecedent regiments. The costs of some new uniforms, including new No 2 dress (officers and soldiers), replacement tactical recognition flashes, regimental slides and stable belts will be met from public funds or as part of the Future Army Dress Programme. As regimental proposals are endorsed by the Army Dress Committee, regimental web sites will be updated.


8. The formation of new regiments will be supported by a national Infantry marketing campaign, which will also launch the new regiments in the regions. This is under the control of Commander Recruiting Group and is intended to start in January 2006.
Great , that should make some people really happy.

For now, I will speak about the broad principles lying behind FAS. After the Secretary of state has left, I will go into greater detail. It is important to set the Future Army Structure (FAS) firmly in context

The changes ensure that the TA and Reserves are better integrated so that they can be used more effectively. As the Army’s reserve of first choice we intend that they will be more relevant, capable and useable.
Now stop me if you've heard this before, "More relevant, capable and useable". Can we expect pensions and Regular Army benefits too, in keeping with being the Army's reserve of "First Choice" . First choice? What are the other choices then?
The TT Regt as 5 Fusileers, which dumbnuts thought that one up, and what did he have on who, to get it agreed.
I cannot possibly comment on that Mushroom , as the decision was made by people way above my pay scale. However, all this talk of "Oh don't worry , everything will be fine, there is a strong case for" etc etc

Trust no one , especially those wanting to make a name for themselves.

I can only hope the Regiment fought long and hard to retain it's footprint in one of it's traditional recruiting areas, and were over-ruled.

Still it's nice, and at the same time bitterly ironic to see the old licence plate back in use.
mushroom said:
The TT Regt as 5 Fusileers, which dumbnuts thought that one up, and what did he have on who, to get it agreed.
That's been set since at least March. The RRF needed a TA Battalion, and it is the logical place for it...
That's been set since at least March. The RRF needed a TA Battalion, and it is the logical place for it...

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