Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Trotsky, Jun 10, 2007.

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  1. Dear All

    Has anyone worked with Uk civil Police on UN or EU (or other) operations overseas?

    Were they able to be operational or was their role pretty much limited to sitting around the pool at the hotel inter-continental walting?

    I ask because I fancy going, but can't see the point unless you can do a real job and I thought you guys may have some views

  2. I worked with some guys from the RUC in Pristina, Kosovo in 1999 and they were highly effective coppers. Contrasting with some of the other nationalities ... who weren't! I think that you can be as proactive as you want to be within operational parameters.
  3. EU Police Mission in BiH has moved on from being a monitoring mission to more of a mentoring mission. Still some UK police in it but not many.

    Have not been down to Kosovo for about a year, but there used to be plenty of UK police with UNMIK Police. However, the is a requirement is for them to be armed hence it was mainly RUC at the start and now PSNI, along with MDP.

    Most UN police missions are of the monitoring variety, although they do sometimes conduct investigations into serious matters. Out side of missions such as UNMIK they rarely get involved in much hands on police work. Their operational parameters are normally very restricted, plus it is often the case that there is no real legal system for them to work with.
  4. The RUC was involved with other deployments in the former Yugoslavia, but these were on an individual basis and were unarmed as far as I can remember. (Met a guy who had done one of them)

    The Pristina thing was widely sought after and I knew many who went. There was even a rather good documentary made about it by BBC NI. It seemed to me they did the full range of Police duties. It would have lasted longer but Orde put a stop to it so he could bring them home and then sack officers to appease Sinn Fein.

    Trotsky, try some of the Police forums for more info.
  5. I'm a police officer and have done both UN BiH in '99 (monitoring Mission, but we did way more than that) and training Iraqi police at JIPTC in '95 (which was what it says on the tin).

    By all means pm me if you wish!
  6. diplomat

    diplomat War Hero Book Reviewer

    Many of UK CIVPOL support to UNMIK Pristina et al were MOD PLOD. Saw many of them drinking coffee in nice bars in Pristina, all sportng GLOCK or MP6K.

    Alternatively, Essex Police on secondment in Albania 1998 - 2000 did a crackin job with little pose.

    Make your own minds up!
  7. The CIVPOL in Bos in 96 were mainly non-UK. Apart from one fat knacker of a US gravy train rider, they seemed quite competent - especially the Austrian fellah on ICTY liaison duties.
  8. During my last tour, we escorted UK civvie police so that they could train the Iraqi police. If it's that bunch you're talking about, they were very professional and very much "in the thick of it" with the rest of us.
  9. RFUK hit the nail on the head, the civvy bill training IPS in Iraq were proffesional and credible. They earned my respect out there. And they managed to get me beer and jack daniels on an otherwise dry camp, good lads!
  10. I know several of the RUC contingent who went to Kosovo, all were armed with Glocks being the first to get them, all first class people who you would want on your side when things went wrong.Most went on to things like TSG,HMSU, E4 etc so you can guess the quality of those involved,one who went was Ronnie Flannigans son and he featured heavily in the TV programme.
  11. Brings back memories of patrolling Podujevo with the 2 RUC coppers who were based there - The 2 Daves. Top lads, a laugh a minute, but thoroughly professional at all times.....
  12. Have worked a lot with UNCIVPOL in Cyprus (mainly Aussies and Irish and not to be confused with SBA Police or UN FMPU). As the UN mil presence there is reduced they are taking a more pronient role. The BZ is their beat but they have very few powers so the job is challenging and needs experience, presence and patter to resolve issues. As normalistaion of the BZ proceeds their workload looks set to increase.


  13. Trot. My heart leapt. I thought the title UNCIVPOL was a shortening of Uncivil Police!

    Long time back, the UK element in Cyprus were very active despite the efforts of some of the Cyprus Police to derail them. From experience of our blokes in blue there and elsewhere it depends on the ones who went before. If they went there to help the locals all was good. Those there for sun, sex and sangria were very soon sussed and did the general reputation no good at all.