Uncharted Submarine Wreck

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by beagleboy, Oct 28, 2011.

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  1. Firstly, not too sure where to place this topic, either Australian, Navy, or this Forum. Mods do what you will.

    Uncharted submarine wreck found off PNG - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

    Uncharted sub wreck.jpg

    I'm hopeful that the submarine will be identified so that living NOK, and/or descendants will be able to have comfort that their son/husband has been laid to rest.

  2. Huh, thought you meant this one: Divers find WWII submarine off Borneo . Big week for finding submarines it seems.

    RIP those poor bastards. Takes a special kind of crazy to drive a submarine into battle IMO.
  3. Is it certain it's a World War II sub? Simpson Harbour was used by the Australian Naval and Military expedition which occupied the German territory of Rabaul in 1914. During the operations in those waters an E-class Australian submarine HMAS AE1 disappeared without trace. The 35 man crew which went down with the AE1 were Australia's first major loss of World War I. It would be nice to able to settle their fate after all this time.
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  4. Well picked bush chook, either way it will be interesting for the outcome, especially for descendants/NOK.

    As an aside:

    HMAS AE1 - Royal Australian Navy

    Last known position of Submarine AE1:

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  5. As I said in the other post on this matter, it really is a little overwhelming that they found her. I'm really, really pleased that they have, this has been excellent news.
  6. Always good for descendants to get some closure. Shame about all the close relatives who will have passed on long before now.
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