Unblocking JPA Forms

I have downloaded a JPA Form F018 - claim for disturbance allowance...

But I can't fill it in! It's protected, which is up there with ashtrays on motorbikes, chocolate fireguards and the like...

But anyway, does anyone know the passwords to unblock it so I can fill it in or have a form that I can use?

I downloaded it here...




I'll try an add it as an attachment


If you have got a JPA login I know you can claim disturbance on JPA without filling in the forms. I just moved to Germany and it was paid into my bank really quickly. I just had to show my admin office a copy of my assignment order. I am single too and did you know you can claim disturbance for swopping rooms if its for service reasons. Hope this helps.
If you go to the JPA website on Intranet all the forms are there under documentation in word format. If you have a login in all of this is done online.
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