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Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by datumhead, Sep 5, 2006.

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  1. Hi, in process of filling all the paperwork for the ACF (there goes another tree.....) to become an AI, seems that the official view and the "local" don't allways agree.

    Do you get paid?
    What expenses are there?
    What is the commitment req?

    My personal appearance has been comented on, I have a Gotee beard, is there any reason for it to be removed? (I know...apart from the fact it 's a gotee!!!) :wink: , the ACF dont use respirators so that issue can't it. Just a few observations I have. Not in it for any cash but just want some clarity please. :?

    Thanks for your comments in advance.
  2. Yes mate, the goatee will have to go for several reasons.

    1. you will look like you are noshing a fu cking squirrell off

    2. You will look even more like a kiddie fiddler

    3. This isnt 1995 anymore

    4. You aren't Jeremy beadle (are you)?

    5. If you are Jeremy Beadle i cant f ucking WAIT to see you salute with that hand.

    6. Goatees are worn by French people.

    Hope this helps.
  3. you can only wear a beard or goatee with permission of the Colonel, i do have one fellow who wears a beard (lighty covering his face and white haired) and he is quite high up, he is in charge of the armoury.

    guess you had to check with the county and if a precedent has been set, to be honest goatee is out of fashion along with the mullet, maybe time to go for a new look and a new you :)
  4. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    I'm sure that I've posted this before but Pioneer Sergeants are the only people who may wear a beard, plus an axe shouldered I seem to recall.

    (Just googled 'pioneer sergeant' and wouldn't you know, wiki says)
  5. Yes you get paid. You are entitled to a maximum of 28 paid training days (PTDs) per year. Having said that, there is no guarantee that you will get all 28, it depends entirely on your County's budget and what they consider the priorities to be. As a rule of thumb, if you are required to do something or are asked to volunteer OFFICIALLY, then you should be paid for it. Further to this in 'theory' your compulsory courses are over and above this and should not be included in your 28.

    The expenses are mostly up to you. The basic issue of kit is just that BASIC. You will not be issued anything like enough uniform to last you for a 1 or 2 week camp (unless you want to be up until the wee small hours doing your dhobie). There are some social expenses, there will be Dinners, etc. that you are expected to attend, but when one takes into account the low price of drinks in the Mess, it won't cost more than a usual night out. Aside from that, there really isn't very much that you can't get away from.

    The commtiment again is mostly up to you. Most units parade 2 evenings per week. Weekends depend more on what's going on. There may be locally arranged events and there will certainly be events arranged by your Company. You will have certain compulsory training as a 'newbie'. You will have to attend (and pass) pre-Initial Training Course weekends and then attend (and pass) the ITC its self. You then have 2 Frimley Courses which are compulsory but there isn't a time frame in reality in which they have to be completed. You will be frowned upon if you do not attend your unit and your Company weekends regularly and you will eventually be binned if you don't complete your compulsory training (up to and including ITC) but beyond that, the commitment is up to you.

    As for your appearance, although you ain't joining HM's Armed Forces, you are required to conform the British Army standards (clean shaven, reasonable sidies, short hair, etc.). Exceptions are only made for medical reasons (although the phsyciatric health of a goatee wearer may well be called into question - think David Brent) so the fungus will have to go.

    I hope you ain't joining for the cash, because you'll be sadly disappointed. The real value from the ACF is the sense of satisfaction (nay elation sometimes) from watching YOUR cadets achieve with the help and guidance you've given them (just don't encourage any of them to grow goatees). :)
  6. I knew an ex instructor who wore a beard because he had hard core facial scarring which would probably have scared the cadets! The only time you don't have to shave in the army is when on leave or have been excused by the doctor. You will be wearing the uniform so you should at least look like a soldier even if you are not. Also it sets a good example to the cadets to make an effort as oppossed to turning up looking like the camp tramp!

  7. erm....maybe not the thing to suggest!

    Are you a cadet or an instructor? I only ask as this is an actual real worry given the current climate when working with "young adults".
  8. He is right though. It ain't possible to wear a goatee without looking like you should be hanging round schools at dinner time. :lol:
  9. Hope this helps.
    In my county you get paid a minimum of 28 days per year, however you can get more if you help on Shooting, Ten Tors, sports etc. Pay days for courses come out of another budget. On an average you usually get around 40 days, some county's get loads.
    As for your goatee, unless you have a doctors note saying you have a skill allergy and cannot shave (theis is what one of our instructors did) you will probably have to shave as the cadets to run as close as they can to the regular army's rules. You will probably have to check it out with your CSM or RSM to be on the safe side.
    Good luck and have fun, don't get involved in the politics, let someone else do that for you.
  10. sorry meant to say skin allergy
  11. Have you thought about joining the TA?
  12. How does one get this job as Artificial Inseminator?